7 Dead in 2 Mass Shooting After 11 Killed in Half Moon Bad Days at the Monterey Park : California, USA

At least seven people were killed in two separate blowups at agrarian installations in the megacity of Half Moon Bay in US California on Tuesday. This was the alternate mass firing in the state in three days. Four people were set up dead and the fifth injured from projectile injuries at one position, and three others were set up dead at another several long hauls down. As per US media reports, Chinese farm workers were killed in the blowups and the suspect has been linked as 67-time-old farmworker Zhao Chunli.

He shot his associates before fleeing the scene. Some workers at one installation lived on the demesne and children may have witnessed the firing, AP reported. “Suspect is in guardianship. There’s no ongoing trouble to the community at this time,” said San Mateo County Sheriff in a tweet. The marksman was taken into guardianship after he was set up in his vehicle in the parking lot of the Half Moon Bay substation, the Sheriff’s office said. He was taken into guardianship without incident and an armament was set up in his auto. A videotape of his arrest showed police officers cascading Zhao Chunli (in a red shirt) to the ground before taking him into guardianship. Images also showed police officers collecting substantiation from a ranch with dozens of glasshouses. 

Half Moon Bay is a small littoral megacity with agrarian roots now home to about 12,000 people. The megacity and girding San Mateo County area is known for producing flowers as well as vegetables like brussel sprouts. The county allows cannabis husbandry in certain areas. It’s a mature white community and about 5% of the population is Asian. The exact locales of the blowups haven’t been verified yet and the motive for the firing is under disquisition. This comes days after a 72-time-old man killed 10 people at a Chinese New Year event in Monterey Park, California. Police tracked him down to a van and girdled it. 

As the officers approached the vehicle, they heard a projectile. “The suspect sustained a tone- foisted projectile crack and was pronounced dead at the scene,” Los Angeles County Sheriff Robert Luna said.

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