Actor’s face suffers “severe deformation” after drone crash on a Netflix set

Drone crash on Netflix set causes 'serious disfigurement' on actor's face -  Canada Today

During a recent Netflix filming, a prominent Taiwanese actor suffered serious injuries when a camera drone struck him in the face. According to his management, Kai Ko had “severe disfigurement” and needed up to 30 stitches near his cheekbone as a result of his wounds.

Although the incident took place on December 27, it was only recently publicized. It happened during the production of the Mandarin-language fantasy series Agent from Above, which was created by the mm2 Asia and Good Films Production companies in Singapore and Taiwan.

Ko has not yet returned to the set because he is being given extra time to rest and recover, according to the show’s producers, who told Variety that the crew has resumed work. The producers were quick to emphasize in a statement that the crew was operating the camera-equipped drone in accordance with accepted safety protocols. The propeller blades of the drone were, they said, “shielded by a protective coating and there was no explosion or blades splitting as stated in some sources.”

We profoundly apologize that Kai’s cheeks were hurt in the mishap, the statement continued. Kai received medical care right away, and his talent management team also set up micro-stitching for him. To figure out how a drone shot could go so wrong, the production crew has started a thorough inquiry into the situation.

The usage of drones in TV and film productions for a variety of aerial and low-level views has increased recently thanks to advancements in drone technology. It will be crucial to determine how last month’s tragedy actually occurred because accidents like these are incredibly unusual during manufacturing.

Regarding the drone mishap, Netflix has not yet issued any public statements.

Ko is well-known in Taiwan. He rose to fame in the 2011 Asian blockbuster You Are the Apple of My Eye, a school drama.

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