Aim for High Levels of Success, Not Global Warming

Ask any Gen. Z teenager right now where they see themselves in 20 years, and I can guarantee that 9 out of 10 will say ‘Assuming we’re here in 20 years because the environment is hurtling towards irreparable ruin.’ And society, that’s on us. So let’s talk about Global Warming. 

What is Global Warming? 

A significant increase in greenhouse gases, trapping sunlight and solar energy within itself, increasing the overall temperature of the atmosphere and environment is termed global warming. Now, why is it so dangerous to the highly intelligent life-form residing on this planet, us humans? Well, the earth has distinguished regions with climatic conditions that started suitable for life forms to thrive. That’s the reason why humanity thrives on this planet. Now, throw an overload of heat, that disrupts the production of chlorophyll, increases ocean temperatures kills a never-ending variety of aquatic life, and unpredictable weather conditions, the earth is neck-deep in trouble as far as the continuation of the human race is concerned. 

Aim for High Levels of Success, Not Global Warming
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How is Technology Involved? 

With the ever-growing and hungry-for-development human race, society is constantly changing, and a product of that is technology. It may have decreased the pressure on human power and energy, but the cost is aplenty and detrimental over time. The pursuit of a better world comes at the cost of actually enjoying that world, as contributed by the impact of global warming. As we cut down trees for infrastructural development and progress, we are reducing our planet’s last few means of survival before descending into an irreversible catastrophic climatic disaster. Right now, the earth is hurtling towards climatic collapse, a condition of an unstable atmosphere that would soon no longer be repairable by human efforts to control the impact of global warming. Young activists such as Greta Thunberg are pioneers of aggressive environmental policy-making and action. Technological advancement would only matter and make sense to improve quality of life, if there is a quality of life to improve upon, and that rests upon the stability of our environment.

Make environmental-friendly decisions

No one expects you to become vegan overnight, for a multitude of reasons. But simple steps such as reducing the use of plastic, fast fashion brands, saving water, reducing food wastage, and so many other little things. Everything starts with a step into a pool of change, not a cannonball into still water. One change, one voice starts a movement, and that movement helps create a better place.

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