Amazon lays off 18,000 employees

Amazon plans to lay off more than 18,000 employees as the global economy continues to worsen.

Amazon has decided to lay off around 18,000 employees due to the forthcoming economic uncertainty. CEO Andy Jassy said that the majority of the roles in the Amazon Stores and People, Experience and Technology organisations. Jassy also stated that Amazon is working on trying to provide support to the affected employees by providing them with health insurance and external placement support. 

This was much higher than the reported amount in the last year by The New York Times as then they reported around 10,000 jobs would be cut off. This news was reported by the Wall Street Journal which stated that around 18,000 jobs would be cut due to the layoffs. 

Amazon lays off 18,000 employees
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Jassy also stated that the company was waiting to announce this until later as they’d like to break the news to the people who were impacted by it, however, the news was leaked due to an internal leak of information. 

This decision had made Amazon one of the largest tech layoffs as of yet. In the past few months, Meta too announced that they would be laying off 11,000 employees, while companies like Intel have also announced that they’d be laying off employees. Recently Vimeo also announced that they would be laying off about 11 per cent of their employees.

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