A man wades through a waterlogged area in Bangalore
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A sharp spike in the scale of flood cases in Bangalore recently is shocking for the people but not for nature. The sole reason behind this is nothing but man’s greed of wanting more. Bangalore has grown out to be a concrete jungle where only buildings can sustain and not the original inhabitants such as plants and freshwater resources.

The truth lies in nature itself, Bangalore is not that type of area, where water can sustain for long unlike Kerala or other parts of the country where floods are frequent visitors with the monsoons. It is not floods that we see in Bangalore but it is the lakes that are taking back its place, which were once encroached and exploited by man. The very few fresh water resources which existed were also wiped off by human beings to gain place for their homes which was beyond needs.

                    Bangalore floods are indeed man-made   

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The water has no place to get out once there occurs a heavy downpour. The drainage and sewage infrastructure are poorly maintained and has greater impacts in the lives of the people taking shelter in Bangalore. There are also incidents of water flowing down to the areas which is slightly lower than the road and in turn affecting the people living there.

A Hostel in a place called Kothanur was adversely affected by the aftermath of the monsoons in the years 2021 and beginning months of 2022. It was indeed a great loss for the students in the hostel. They lost their important documents, clothes and many other belongings. The hostel authorities finally sought a solution to this mishap. The culverts are badly built or sometimes there is absence of it too. This is where both the drainage water and rainwater get clogged and results in waterlogging in roads and other low-land areas.

Pollution and indiscriminate dumping of waste materials into roads and open areas are yet another important cause of floods in Bangalore. There are no proper waste disposal systems or drainage systems which is why the waste materials dumped in places get mixed with the water and create clogging in roads.

Deforestation and removal of vegetative cover from the surface of the earth also has a greater impact in the appearance of floods. Large number of trees are cut down daily and buildings take their place. The increase in floods every year will in turn reduce the vulnerability of the focused area, making it good for nothing as a whole for a specific period of time. Therefore, it is evident that the main cause of floods in Bangalore are man-made.


The floods in Bangalore are mostly caused by man-made reasons. These can be controlled by reducing Man’s greed. Proper drainage and culverts should be built for the flow of unwanted water from the surroundings. Deforestation and pollution can be reduced. Less buildings can be built and more trees and fresh water resources can take life. If measures like these are not adopted, Bangalore will be prone to unhygienic lifestyle in no time.


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