As we know a survey is a tool or method of gathering information using relevant questions about a product. It’s sometimes very very important for owners to find out the feedback from the users whether they love their products or not if they want to make some changes, and which type of changes they want to do. So there is only one solution for this problem which is an Online Survey for different types of questions and queries.

We can’t do any type of Survey offline due to very tuff. So while doing any online Survey there are lots of things that we Should keep in mind for conducting a successful Survey. In this article, we are going to know everything which matters a lot while Conducting a Survey 

As we know while doing anything there are lots of merits and demerits we have to bear, So in the case of Conducting a survey, the same thing takes place where we find something very interesting and beneficial whereas Something non- beneficial. 

So let’s first start with the benefits of Conducting Surveys:

  • Cost:  Surveys are relatively very inexpensive. Online Surveys and mobile surveys are very cheap because everything takes place through online mode, so there is very less charge per respondent. 
  • Extensive: Surveys are useful for describing the contribution of a large population. It will be very useful for one to know how many people do the survey.
  • Flexible:  Surveys can be very useful as it gives the idea of the quality of a product and how good that product is.

Besides this all benefits of Surveys it is also helpful in conducting surveys because everything takes place online mode and there is no reason to be false information. It is also very useful for one to collect all the data, which means responses or feedback from a large number of people. It is also not always possible that create or ask about your products directly from an individual,  so this problem is solved by only Conducting a survey.

Here a broad range of data can be calculated through a survey where you can ask numerous types of questions no matter how it is. And overall it is very cost-effective and very useful. 

Now we’ll discuss the disadvantages of Surveys:

As we know there are lots of respondents who don’t find themselves for this type of work means they can simply ignore that they may not find that survey interesting or useful and can ignore that one. Respondents may not be aware of what they have to do or they feel that the survey is not that necessary.

Now, some points show the disadvantages of Surveys:

  • Survey questions may lead to unclear data because answer options may be interpreted differently by respondents. 
  • Respondents may not feel good answering the question. 
  • Surveys with lower-ended questions may have lower validity.
  • the number of respondents who choose to respond to a survey question may be different from those who chose not to respond, thus creating bias.

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