Bollywood’s newest production, Pathaan, a Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone starrer, has been undergoing huge criticism for one of its several bikinis. 

In the song “Besharam Rang“, Padukone, is seen wearing four bikinis, and in 20 seconds of the music video, Padukone is seen wearing a saffron-coloured bikini which is seemingly hurting the “religious sentiments” of right-wing Hindutva supporters without any reference to any religion, caste or creed. This showcases the gatekeeping of the saffron colour by the extreme right and the close-mindedness of society in general. 

Besharam Rang: A Controversy That Baffles
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Gatekeeping Colors

As the boycott culture in Bollywood is revving, the latest victims are shown no mercy by an Ayodhya seer, Mahant Paramhans Acharya of Tapasvi Chhavni, who threatened to “burn Shah Rukh Khan alive” if he ever met him. He protested that his Hindu religious sentiments are being hurt because of the saffron-coloured bikini worn by Padukone in the music video. 

BJP MLA Ram Kadam also tweeted that the saffron colour is disrespectful to the Hindu ideology of the Maharashtra government and that these vulgar acts cannot be tolerated. He called out the filmmakers and asked for an explanation. 

BJP leader, Hari Bhushan Thakur Bachaul, claimed that it was a dirty effort by the filmmakers to weaken the ‘Sanatan’ culture and threatened to ban the release of the movie in Bihar. He said that the saffron colour is a symbol of the  ‘Sanatan’ culture.

Actor Mukesh Khanna commented on the song “Besharam Rang” from the movie Pathaan, “All of the clothing should be changed. Producers [should not] attempt this.” “Someone had asked me,  “Sir, CBFC has passed it, what’s your objection?”, was the censor board the Supreme Court, I asked?” “They do not have the right to serve on the censor board if they do not understand Hinduism,” Mukesh added.

Closeminded Satanists

TMC MP Nusrat Jahan made stated that she believes that no political parties have patent rights on colours. She was later trolled on social media.

The veteran actor, Asha Parekh, also said that people are becoming too close-minded and being offended by the colour of the bikini showing that Bollywood has always been a soft target.

Filmmaker Onir also slammed the controversy by making a bold statement, “Now goons will decide what we are watching,”

SRK later made a statement that he believes in the positive people of India and that they will always be alive. 

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