A former  executive of a biotech company has accused the company’s founder  of allegedly sexually harassing a woman and forcing her to leave the company in Gurgaon, police said on Saturday. 

 The police announced on Friday that the founder of the company and two other people were charged.

In the police complaint, the woman said that she joined the company in a leadership position on 30.11.2022. “The promised arrangement  was fixed compensation and sweat equity. But when I joined the company, I was pressured to raise 100 million rupees for the company and was told that the company had the least amount of money to support,” he wrote in the police complaint. 

 He claimed that the owner showed “sexually suggestive behavior” towards him. relationship and asked him to start investment negotiations in December 2022 to attract investors to raise funds.

“…He pointed the finger at my character and said that I should only be attracted to his male business partners… spend time with him. 

 He further alleged that the owner asked him to threaten the police in a case against him and continued to make regular sexually suggestive advances.

“Seeing resistance from my side, he started using threatening and violent language,” he alleged in the FIR. 

 He further alleged that the accused forced him to raise funds for his company from his personal sources and later he was forced to leave the company. 

 Police said the woman also cited two of the owner’s associates who allegedly pressured her to collect money and threatened to harm her career. 

 “Based on the complaint, the owner of the company and two other people were charged. The investigation was started. According to the police, no arrests have been made so far.

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