BTS Army is gearing up to celebrate their beloved idol Kim Taehyung’s Birthday who is popularly known as ‘V’, who will turn 27 tomorrow. His fans make sure to celebrate with great pomp and glamor. Fans have decorated the buses, and cafes, and collected donations so far.

The cafe project

The most followed Twitter account with the name ‘Nuna V ‘, which is a self-funded fanbase, usually organizes the event. The fans are opening up cafes, which will be held in South Korea, Japan, and Dubai. The theme of the project is based on the singer himself. The cafes are near the Hybe building which is a place to celebrate.

The Bus project

The fanbase has also organized the bus project, where the photos of the singer would be pasted moving across Seoul. There will be a video across the Art Media tunnel at Seoul’s largest airport, Incheon Airport.

China’s celebration of the sweet night singer

The China Fanclub named “Baidu Viva”  declares that it would advertise on Oculus for two days I.e on 29th December and 30 December. Oculus is a transport hub for the world trade center.

Indian Army’s Birthday Project V’s Birthday advertisement will be played on India’s largest Led screen in the Infinity Mall in Mumbai on the 29th and 30th of December.

In Kolkata, the Vardhan market is from 28th to 31st December. 

V’s Birthday project in Seoul

The armies are creating a TaeTae land in the city, In front of the U-plex at the Hyundai Department store. An exhibition will be held based on V’s image.

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