California will give towns more water after significant downpours.

The West Coast’s record-breaking rain and snowfall in January has been a blessing for more than 27 million Californians.

According to a statement issued on Thursday by the Department of Water Resources, the State Water Project (SWP) in California will be able to improve distribution to 29 local water agencies this year due to the additional precipitation (DWR).

The agency had promised local organizations’ in December that it would send them 5% of the goods they requested; now, it will give them 30%.

According to a statement from DWR, the two main reservoirs of the SWP, Oroville and San Luis, currently have a combined 1.62 million acre-feet of water in storage, which is almost enough to supply water to 5.6 million homes for an entire year.

Numerous rain and snowstorms that started at the end of December resulted in flash floods, tree damage, and other issues in various parts of California. Official records show that these storms sent above-average snowfall to the Sierra Nevada Mountains and more than three feet of rain to California.

Extreme drought, which was the second-highest category of drought in California, dropped from 27.1% to 0.32%. Between January 3 and January 10, the U.S. Drought Monitor reports there was a drought. The monitor discovered that at that time, extreme drought, the third-highest severity, dropped from 71% to 46%.

“The importance of our efforts to modernise our water infrastructure in order to get ready for a period of extreme drought and flooding was brought home by these storms. Due to these significant oscillations, these storm flows are urgently required to replenish groundwater basins and support recycled water plants “DWR’s director, Karla Nemeth, released a statement.

The state may return to warm and dry conditions before April 1, when the wet season officially ends, the government warned Californians.

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