Design and construction are both important parts of the process of planning. You should recognize the close relationship between the design and the construction.

The design process is a creative process including the description of new facilities specification detail plans activities and so on. Hence, in this article, we are going to discuss the design and the construction process in detail. Let’s get started.

Characteristics of the design and construction process

There are several characters is still are included in the process from the design to construction.

  • It requires a long time to complete the project on time.
  • It is also based on the complexity of the project demand from the market changes in the plan during construction.
  • Both the construction and the design system should be clear and satisfied according to the condition and the specific site.
  • It is an integrated system in the process of design.

Design Process

In the design process, there are nearly about 8 stages included as follows,

  • State the problem
  • Brainstorm solution
  • Creative ideas
  • Establishment
  • Consider solution
  • Select an appropriate approach or
  • Method
  • Create design proposal
  • Create a prototype

These are important steps in the design process at the beginning level.

 Steps in the construction process

There are stages of the construction process that you should know about them. At the beginning level of the project start with the client. In the process of construction, the design phase construction phase, and post-construction phase are included.

If we go into the detailed process from design to construction then become to know that there are 6 stages as follows;

At the beginning of the project-

Where you should consider the conception of the project with the client.

The preconstruction stage

In this stage, you should consider pre-activity before construction.

The procurement stage

In this stage, you should procurement about the product based on the design and the activities.

The construction stage

In this stage, the actual process of the product occurs.

The post-construction stage or final stage

In this stage, the actual product will occur and the feedback you will get after the post-construction stage. Frequently these are the six steps of the construction process.

Final Thoughts: 

From this article, we come to know that the process of design, Design, Construction, and implementation is totally focused and creative stages.

In the process of Interaction Design as a designer you should consider the main objective and requirements which you want to reach until the final product for better results, 

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