DCW Allegedly Dragged by a Car: New Delhi

Delhi Commissioner for Women, Swati Maliwal, was allegedly dragged by a Baleno automobile for 10-15 meters, from the opposite of gate number 2 of Delhi AIIMS in the early hours of Thursday around 3:10 a.m., according to the Delhi Police. 

She was conducting an inspection round in the region at the time when a person named Harish Chandra arrived in a Baleno car and made inappropriate advances toward her, asking her to sit in his car, said Swati Maliwal.

According to the reports, the man rolled up his window, drove the car for more than 15 metres, and dragged her from the opposite of Gate Number 2 of Delhi AIIMS after she managed to catch him by reaching inside the window and asking him to get out at the time of misbehaving. Swati Maliwal, Delhi Commissioner of Women (the victim herself) further also mentioned that Harish Chandra was extremely drunk during the incident.

The Delhi Police also mentioned that they had received a PCR call on January 19th to the control room around 3:10 in the morning that a woman was dragged by a White Baleno car. The call was made around 3:10 in the morning by Garuda 1 (special patrolling vehicle in the South District) about a woman being dragged from the Kotla Police Station area. Swati Maliwal was standing on the footpath with her team standing near her at the same location. 

The 47-year- old accused Harish Rawat has been arrested by the police and a FIR has also been filed against him, police said. A medical checkup of the accused and the victim was also conducted. 

DCW, Swati Maliwal, New Delhi, tweeted regarding the same on her official Twitter handle. 

Image Source: Twitter.com/SwatiJaiHind

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