Establishing Requirements: Steps, Process, and Advantages

Establishing Requirements

In the process of software development HCI, the designers need to understand the techniques for establishing requirements which include interviews, workshops, seminars, questionnaires, etc.  In this article, we are going to study the Establishing Requirements, in the process of interaction design. Let’s discuss this in detail.

What are the requirements?

Establishing requirements are always specified what is supposed to be I tended with the product and how it should be performed accordingly. We follow the traditional methods where two types of requirements are intended.

Firstly, the functional requirements portrayed what and how the system should perform. Secondly, Non-functional requirements specified the system or its developments too.

 What is the need to Establishing Requirements?

There are requirements in HCI including gathering and analysis too. The requirement of the product or quality of the product must be added over here. Interaction design requires the users to understand that both factors are required here. In the process of product development, both stages play a vital role here.

 What kind of requirements is in place for an interaction design project?

In the process, if HCI, which and what kind of requirements are important should be focused on it. We all make sure to ensure both factors including the users and the development team of HCI.   Communication plays a vital role over here because, in the process of product design, it must have happened. We need to set up a discussion of the objectives and the requirements about design the project.

Categories of requirements Category

There are two main categories of establishing requirements based on the purposes as follows;

No.Group AGroup B
1Functional requirements  Environmental requirements
2User requirements  Usability requirements
3Data requirementsWhat the product should do
4Characteristics of the intended user groupThe usability goals and associated measures.

Categories of requirements Category Description Source: Interaction Design

In the nonfunctional requirement there are three categories are included Product requirement organizational requirement and external requirements. The product requires we need to understand the efficiency, dependability, and security requirements. In the organizational requirement, we need to understand the environmental, operation, and development requirements. In the end, in the category of external requirements, we need to understand the regulatory, ethical, legislative, accounting and safety requirements. From the above detail become to know that requirements are necessary for better user experience. 

 Final Thoughts:

The requirement is a statement that specifies what should do and how to do related to the product. From the above article, we come to know that establishing requirement pleasure an essential role in the process of interaction design. Subsequently, Business requirements, user requirements, and system requirements these three factors are included in the stage of establishing requirements. 

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