Hashtag Tamilnadu got viral because of governor RN Ravi’s Opinion!!

Governor RN Ravi has said that Tamilzhagam should be the appropriate name for Tamil Nadu. He added, the States of India were formed during the British era, so the state should be called Tamilzhagam. Following this speech, the hashtag ‘Tamil Nadu’ is trending in India.

Tweets like Tamilnadu are part of India and they are stubborn about what the state should call. Some people also showed their support for the governor’s opinion. And many Tamil writers and political leaders were posting their opinions on social media.

How does Controversy begin?

An event was held at the Governor’s House in Guindy, Chennai to honour the organizers of the Kashi Tamil Sangam program.

During this event governor Ravi said, Tamil Nadu has a different political environment. They always say we are Dravidians for everything. When the whole of India is planning for something, Tamil Nadu declines every project. And he added, firstly you can’t call Tamilnadu this is Tamilzhagam.

Following the governor’s speech, Writer Su. Venkatesan tweeted “Governor Ravi is bringing up again today the idea that was killed by our leaders Martyr Sankaralingam, Anna and Bhupeshgupta. Even if it is an old corpse, new beetles will come out by themselves,” he said.

Criticizing the speech of Governor Ravi, senior DMK leader DR Balu said, “Separatism is clear if he talks about Tamilnadu – Tamilan – Tamil with Varnashanam consciousness and Veda Sanathanam doctrines in hand. He didn’t like all these three. Tamil Nadu – Tamilan – Tamil is bitter for Governor Ravi. So, he has to decide to walk away from these,” he said in a statement.

Ravi’s remarks have created a massive row with DMK leaders, Kanimozhi Karunanidhi and Udhayanidhi Stalin, Sports Minister in Chief Minister M K Stalin’s cabinet, asserting that the state would always be called Tamil Nadu.

While the AIADMK and BJP have not yet reacted to the Governor’s statement, allies of the ruling DMK have condemned Ravi for his “ignorant remarks”.

“The name Tamil Nadu is the identity of our language, culture, politics, and life. That is why the DMK government led by C N Annadurai drafted a resolution renaming (Madras state) Tamil Nadu. It will always be Tamil Nadu,” Kanimozhi said. In his reaction, Udhayanidhi said Tamil Nadu is a “unique identity” of the geographical-linguistic-political-cultural landscape of Tamil. “Anna, who founded the DMK, gave this name after a long battle. Chief Minister Stalin, who follows the footstep of Anna and Karunanidhi, will protect the identity, he said.

Hashtag Tamilnadu becoming viral and it will be a political recession in Tamilnadu. Even comments got opposition, with some people supporting their opinion. 

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