Measure a website’s performance

Measuring a website’s performance can be tricky and complicated. In order to measure any website you have to first prepare yourself with questions like – what you are going to measure, why you are measuring, and what is the need for measuring that website. 

Beware of Vanity Matrices

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It has been observed that most people use default websites and traffic reports to benchmark their overall performance.  They always look to see how many people visit their websites and how much time they really spend on the website itself. If the number of visitors is high and crosses a certain threshold, then owners tend to be satisfied with the website’s performance. Although traffic is a good indicator, it tends to misdirect the owner. The problem here is that metrics do not show the efficiency of the tactics being used.  

KPI are your best friends

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Nowadays companies have started using KPI to track their profit, growth and progress. Key performance indicators of a company reflect the best-performing strategies of the organization.

Now let us discuss what we should measure in a company since it’s very tough for companies to know or identify how much a company is being profitable or what their day-by-day gains are. So this leads us to the question – “What do we actually measure?”

The key is to look at the appropriate KPIs. If your website objective is to increase the total number of leads, you obviously want to know the number of leads your website has generated; however, that number only works in relation to the number of visitors to the website and only for a specific duration of time. A much better indicator of the website’s marketing (and sales) performance is the conversion rate (which measures a website’s ability to persuade visitors to take a desired action). For lead generation, this metric represents the website’s ability to convert visitors into leads or customers.

Focus on Quality Not Quantity

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Sometimes conversion rate is not just about measuring the website marketing performance, it is also about evaluating the quality of leads the website generates.  While initially, all this information may seem overwhelming and intimidating, the key is to focus on the 5-10 KPIs that make the greatest difference.

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