Amitabh Bachchan is always in the news because of one factor or another.  He has become a legend in his lifetime. He is an inspiration to youngsters even now. Even today he is germane to us. To dwell on his bio-data, he was born on 11-10-1942. His marriage with Jaya Bhaduri was love cum inter-caste marriage. He is flooded with awards and rewards. One of the very notable awards is the Legion of Honour from France. Also, Australia has named one of its scholarships after him. Let’s see his other not known facts.

  • Big B, as the title is known now emanated in the 1990s after his comeback in the 90s  with the movie “Mrityudaata”.
  • He was the first Asian actor to get his wax idol exhibited in the Madam Tussaud museum.
  • Vijay is his first off-screen name.
  • A couple of his hobbies are collecting pens and watches. He has collected thousands of them!
  • The bungalow named Jalsa is not bought by him but a gift from Ramesh Sippy for his role in the movie “Satte pe Satta” movie.
  • His first name was Inquilab Shrivastav. A poet friend of his father renamed him Amitabh.
  • Also, Amitabh and Jaya married in a hurry because their father wanted them to enjoy the success of the movie Zanjeer.
  • Interestingly he earned the title “one-man industry” from the French director Francois Truffaut

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