Ischemic Heart Disease: Causes, risk factors, symptoms, diagnosis

In the current heart attack is the most common reason in our generation.

Atherosclerosis is the most common cause of myocardial ischemia and Blood clot. The plaques that develop in atherosclerosis can rupture, causing a blood clot. The clot might block an artery and lead to sudden, severe myocardial ischemia, resulting in a heart attack.

Ischemic cardiac diseases reduce the heart’s ability to pump blood which might lead to heart attacks, irregular heart rhythm, and heart failure as well. Here’s all you need to know about its causes, risk factors, different symptoms in men and women, diagnosis, and treatment.

Ischemic Heart Disease: Causes, risk factors, symptoms, diagnosis.
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A partial or total blockage of the arteries pumping the heart muscle with blood results in ischemic heart disease, a health condition that is sometimes also referred to as coronary heart disease. If the coronary arteries were thought of as a network of tubes, then as they progressively become blocked, the blood that is flowing through them, in this situation, is prevented from properly reaching its destination, the heart.

The prevalence of ischemic heart disease is currently decreasing in developed countries due to improved treatments and healthier lifestyles, but the same is increasing in developing countries. In either case, ischemic heart disease remains the leading cause of death among adults in both developing and developed countries.

Dr MM Yusuf suggested, “Sensible eating, regular exercise, and a good lifestyle would prevent IHD. Ischemic Heart Disease is widely prevalent in India. Patients with risk factors should have regular health checks and follow preventive measures, while patients with IHD should seek medical help early and take appropriate treatment. The outcomes of treatment are extremely good with minimally invasive treatment procedures hence, patients need not be worried and keep away from getting appropriate treatment.”

Best treatment :

  • good and healthy eating, add vegetables, and fruits.
  • regular exercise and healthy lifestyles.

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