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When we think of better upbringing for kids all mothers out there get them for their kids. They never make a mistake, let it be selecting the greatest food, cloth, school and play toys and moreover movies. These days, movies have a significant impact on children’s development, therefore it is essential to give them a secure environment where they learn and play. Well Moms, don’t worry; we’ve got this task for you because we know you don’t have time to browse the internet looking for movies. Here are some family-friendly films that you may watch as your children sit next to you and enjoy the show. 

1-Son of Bigfoot

Adam has a number of experiences until he ultimately runs upon his long-lost father, the fabled Bigfoot. He also learns that he has magical abilities. 


Rotten tomatoes:75%

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2-Luis and the Aliens

A little child befriends three endearing aliens when they crash their spacecraft into his home. He assists them in getting home while they embark on thrilling adventures together.


Rotten tomatoes:24%

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3-Kikoriki: Team Invincible

After mistaking a TV hero for a real man in need, the Kikoriki assemble a raft and sail to the city.


Rotten tomatoes:71%

Youtube link: 

4-The Fixies: Top Secret 

The Fixies are small, invisible creatures that kids only see and who fix electrical circuits, electronics, and broken appliances. It’s up to one of the Fixies’ friends, a young boy, and a lab professor to save the day when he transforms into a super-powered rascal.


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5-A Minecraft Ninja Turtle 

To defeat the evil powers that are endangering the globe, Little RoPo and the MineVengers join forces with the Ninja Turtles.


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6-Russell Madness

A family that inherits an indoor arena and wants to resurrect their late grandfather’s wrestling company trains a cute pet dog to wrestle.


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7-The Donkey King

An unfortunate donkey wins the country’s first election and is named the Donkey King after the monarch of Azad City abruptly abdicates.


Rotten tomatoes:%

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As he fights against aliens that are dependent on cocoa beans, a little kid uses alien technology that transforms him into a superhero.


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9-The Pilgrim’s Progress 

Christian, a devoted traveler, departs towards the Celestial City from the City of Destruction. He encounters several challenging tasks and impediments along the road.


Rotten tomatoes:60%

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10-Boonie Bears Monster Plan 

Rex Vector and Mr. Pete are plotting to use the skills of the jungle’s animals to strengthen their new evil creation, a monster robot, and Bear and his friends are fighting to stop them.


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11-Treasure Planet 

A restless teen makes a cosmic journey as a cabin boy on a spacecraft. Later, he learns that a friend he thought to be trustworthy is actually a plotting pirate who wants to start a mutiny.


Rotten tomatoes:69%

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12-Little Nemo

Nemo is named as the king of Slumberland’s heir, and he is given the key to the door of terrifying powers. But Nemo caves in to pressure and makes a mess that only he can clean up.


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These were the best movies that you can let your child watch without any worry. Movies are a good source for them to learn and understand things in a better way. They learn while enjoying and playing. kids learn while observing the surroundings. So let them enjoy learning while playing. 

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