Mexico! The New Graveyard of Press? 

Over the years, Mexico has become one the deadliest countries for journalists, as more than 133 reporters have been killed since 2006. 

Despite being a major issue, it has failed to come into the limelight as it lacks any point of ideological clash between the Right and Left-wingers. 

The Culprits of Inhumanity! 

The main hand behind the killing of over 100 journalists are the drug lords of the country. 

The war against drugs was started in the year 2006 and since then only the game of life was started. 

Reporters were killed in broad daylight without any fear, it’s been a year since veteran journalist Gustavo Sanchez was killed by the drug mafia for just reporting an issue relating to drugs. 

Though Mexican President Lopez Obrador frequently speaks about the killings, it all goes in vain. 

Only in 2022 over 13 journalists were killed for just doing their jobs of reporting. 


The Mexican Government should immediately take key steps in curbing the crimes and should spend more money for safeguarding the rights of journalists and eventually saving their Democracy. 

Global leaders can also opt to intervene in the scenario and wage a war against drugs together, keeping their political interests aside. 

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