The lead roles of Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone finally got what they needed for a spy thriller – non-stop action, engaging lead, a man who could save the world, in one high octane set piece, emo lines that continue.

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Shah Rukh Khan really has an audience on his side, especially after everything that happened last year and his four consecutive commercial slumps. SRK’s comeback movie Pathaan is back in the lead role and is breaking box office records not only in India but around the world.

The film is the highest-grossing Indian Hindi-language film of all time, expected to gross around Rs 53 billion (his Rs 55 billion including Tamil and Telugu releases). According to Pinkvilla, the first day gross profit of the movie is Rs 6.7 crore. Three national cinema chains – PVR, Inox and Cinepolis – accounted for almost 50% of the Rs 270 crore film’s box office. The film is expected to deliver more on its second day due to the Republic Day holiday.

The film has already passed that milestone around the world. Pathaan made an estimated $4.5 million (Rs. 3.6 billion) in the foreign market on its first day. Box Office India estimates that worldwide earnings are between his Rs 100 crore to his Rs 110 crore. In both scenarios, Pathaan is currently the first Hindi film to gross more than Rs 10 crore worldwide on its opening day.

North America contributed over $1.5 million to her on opening day, and the Gulf States contributed about $1 million to the film’s international tally. Domestically, the film has surpassed War and Thugs of Hindustan, even surpassing it outside of the holidays. A distinction is made between net and gross cache collections. Gross box office revenue includes the amount from overall movie ticket sales, while net is gross government deductions such as box office tax, service tax, etc.

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