Recipes for top Indian dishes by master chefs

Everybody likes good dishes to eat. It is wonderful to tingle our tongues with tasty foods. A good, tasty food keeps our mood better. In that India is known worldwide for its myriad and variety of dishes.  Let’s see one of the dishes prepared by expert chefs.

Red lentils and cauliflower curry:- Basically a cauliflower curry possessing red lentils. Variety of seasonings gives a superlative taste to the dish. Let’s see how to prepare it.

Ingredients required: Half a cup rinsed lentils, 1 chopped onion, 2 table spoons curry powder, half tablespoon salt, turmeric half spoon, 2 cups water, 4 chopped plum tomatoes, 4 cups of cauliflower florets, a thinly sliced jalapeno pepper seeded and halved, canola oil 1 tablespoon, cumin seeds one tablespoon, three cloves of garlic which is minced, minced ginger two tablespoon, Cayenne powder ¼ tablespoon, two tablespoons of lemon juice, one tp sugar and one tp chopped fresh cilantro.

How to prepare:- Mix lentils onions, curry powder, salt ,turmeric and water in big pan. Keep the pan in low heat till it simmers. The pan should be covered and occasionally stirred. This should go till the lentils have softened , and also the sauce has become thick. This may take around 45 minutes. One has to add jalapeno powder, tomatoes and cauliflower and continue till the cauliflower is tender; it should be simmered for further 8-10 minutes. Then close the heat.

Heat oil in a small pan and add cumin seeds and cook it for 10 seconds. Further add ginger and garlic and stir it until garlic has become brown.Stir the oil mixture in Cayenne and mix this oil spice miture to cauliflower mixtue. Add lemon juice, sugar and cilantro and stir it. Add salt, seasonings and cayenne to taste.

Your dish is ready for the palate.

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