You must have heard about the recent “Kashi-Tamil Sangam” hosted in the land of gods, Banaras. Ever heard about one of the oldest surviving literature? Let’s dive deep to find out about the rich Sangam literature and cultural reflections of ancient times. 

The Sangam literature, which has historically been referred to as “the poetry of the noble ones,” is the earliest form of South Indian literature that is known to exist. The Tamil tradition and folklore connect it to three literary conferences that took place near the capitals of the Pandayas, Madurai, and Kapapuram: the first over 4,440 years ago, the second over 3,700 years ago, and the third over 1,850 years ago. Various important texts that survive to date were written in the glorious era.

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The Thirukkural

The Thirukkural is a collection of ethical maxims and moral instructions that are attributed to the ancient Tamil poet Thiruvalluvar. It is one of the most influential works in the Tamil language. It has been influential on Bhartiya’s religious and philosophical thought. The Thirukkural is one of the most widely translated works in India and has been translated into many languages. It is looked upon as a handbook to the way of living a happy, ethical, and peaceful life

Literature Records

Our ancient heritage and therapy records are one of our Cultural Capital and strengths. Bharat being a country as old as the imagination of human civilization has well recorded its grand nature. It’s time we all learn and reflect upon over-inherited blessings.

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