In the interaction design activity, there are some techniques for the data-gathering process which is commonly used. The data gallery is one of the most crucial parts of establishing requirements and the evaluation process. the main objective behind the data gathering is to collect sufficient accurate and relatable data so that they can create a product. the user reaction and the performance of the system are also important in the process of data gathering. Data gathering is also known as the data collecting process. Thus, in this article, we are going to discuss the major techniques related to how to gather the data using various ways.

What is Data Gathering?

Data gathering is a process where we have supposed to collect the database on the topic and this process requires accurate and relatable data.

What is the Main Objective of Data Collecting?

There are three main goals behind collecting the data.

  1. How to plan and run successfully.
  2. Enable your plan and run an interview
  3. Organized questionnaire in a simple format.
  4. Plan and observe according to plan.

What are the Main Techniques for Data Gathering?

There are three main techniques for data collecting that are interviews, questionnaires, and observation apart from that there many techniques that you can follow based on the requirements as follow;

Data Collection Techniques

  1. Observation
  2. Interview
  3. Focus groups
  4. Questionnaires
  5. Card sorting
  6. Web analytics
  7. Study of documentation

Observation – It can be done in the field in the lab. there are two types of observation direct observation and indirect observation.

Interviews – There are two types of ways to conduct interviews that are unstructured and structured. It involves open and close-ended questions.

Focus groups – Select the participant and create a group based on the target user and importance.

Card sorting- You can organize various kinds of activities with the involvement of the group. This activity will be helpful to find out the potential use for the interaction solution. It provides terminology relationships and categories. open card sorting, close card sorting, and hybrid card sorting are three types of card sorting.

Case study – You can use the item in the groups based on the similarity which is called open card sorting. In the end, you can do with your case study.

Questionnaires –A series of questions you can create based on specification information. You can ask open and close-ended questions by using this technique for example simple checklist, rank order, and rating scale point.

Study documentation –Most of the time there are guidelines or user manuals are available in written form. So based on the availability and accessible accessibility you can study the documentation.

Web analytics – Measuring, Collecting, Analysing, and Reporting web data, etc. these tools and techniques are important in web analytics.

Closing Remarks: 

Subsequently here is a flexible and small set of basic techniques for the data-collecting process which we can use but on the other side you can combine and extend many ways to collect the data. It is important and keeps in mind not only just focus on the data gathering technique but focus on to use of the combination pattern for the best result. 

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