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The second season earlier this week aired and became popular among the young minds and zeal filled entrepreneurs most. All inspiring entrepreneurship ideas and mind-boggling creative energy spark with thrilling and thunder pitches and yet bigger vision in their minds  all over India one more time with the hit show coming with its second season the ‘shark tank’. 

Audience and general public who spare time mostly in prime time at home sitting together and glued to their tv screens watching new thrilling ideas or business startups. The wave of entrepreneurship one more time where  the Indian entrepreneurs showcase their talents aired on the set of Sony tv reality show ‘shark tank ‘ released. 

Who are the Judges in season 2? 

All the judges who were part and judges in season one seen on presented themselves in the episode including Anupam Mittal ( founder CEO of shaadi.com Piyush Bnasal (founder CEO of lenskart.com), Namita Thapar (executive director of emcure pharmaceuticals), Aman Gupta (co-founder CMO of boat) Vineeta Singh (Co- founder-CEO of sugar cosmetics) , and Amit Jain (Co founder CEO of car dekho group and insurance dekho.com) Amit Jain replaced Ashneer Grover in season 2. 

Grab bellow the highlights off all five episode of season 2 shark tank india – 

  • Episode 1 on January 2, ‘entrepreneurship ki leher ek baar phir se’. The episodes are hosted by comedian Rahul Dua. 
  • Episode 2 on January 3, a lot of banter and laughter was also seen with some sad revelation from Anupam Mittal recalling his grandmother’s death in a fire. All Sharks also grilled a brand soup pitcher. 
  • Episode 3 – on January 4,’zero revenue talks’ during the episode sugar’s vineeta Singh narrated her own time when her company faces struggles and had zero salary to her employees just to help her build her business. 
  • Episode 4 – on January 5, ‘no collaboration ‘ the fourth episode released while on shoot Aman Gupta denied collaborating with anyone on the pitch. Another mischief attention occurred when Peeyush Bansal quoted modaks for momos. 

What are Hilarious Memes of season 2 till now

This season also has a lot of banter and laughter spurring the audience’s minds with grilling pitches and buzzing online. 

Twitter audience one more time mocking  fun about judges on one liners which become vastly buzzing online just like last year. 

In total Four episodes are shown among these episodes many people and netizens scrolled the memes with laughter on several memes made and shared by people look at them below :

The image shows Anupam mittal saying, 

“You are more indian than indians “

Another meme Namita thapar says, “kitna ek ha… ha… hazaar?” and relate her reaction with a real life occurrence that is when you had the coffee at the airport. 

Image – ugc 

Image – ugc 

What is bringing in this season more exciting for shark’s fandom? 

Last year who watched it now missing Ashneer Grover, the most liked and up-to-the-mark judge who is replaced in this season. Also, the judge’s founder of mama earth Ghazal Alagh is not a part of season 2. 

In an interview Ashneer Grover reveals, “nahi mere ko lagta h separation clean hona chahiye. Jab me shark tank mein nahi bhi tha, season two me jitne bhi sharks they, unko men social media se unfollow kar diya. Yaar ab vo tumhari game hai, tum khelo. Meim kyu har roz dekhun ki shark tank ki shoot ke behind the scenes kya chal raha hai? 

Ab meri life is part hi nahi hai, toh mein kyu past me rahu,  jab se clear ho Gaya tha ke main season two main nahi hoon, main baaki sharks ko unfollow kar diya tha (I won’t watch the show, after it becomes clear wouldn’t be coming back, I even unfollowed other shark tanks. I don’t want to know what’s happening on a shoot, it’s in the past now).”

Despite social media audience is missing Ashneer’s mind-boggling chaotic presence with contestants “Sharks” Anupam Mittal and Namita Thapar vehemently contented and promised  the audience that this time no  toxicity” and “humiliation”  around the show won’t be seen. 

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