The fifty best K-POP Songs of 2022


This is an exhaustive list of the best k-pop songs of 2022. K-pop, short for Korean popular music, is a form of popular music originating in South Korea as part of South Korean culture. This includes a variety of music genres such as pop, rock, hip-hop, r&b, blues, jazz, gospel, folk, country, disco, classical, EDM, punk, etc.


This ranking will include only title tracks and singles. There may also be songs as special mentions by the artists which will also include b-sides. One artist will only be mentioned once to give leverage and support to the lesser-known artists. Please note that I do not intend any hate to the artists who are mentioned and not mentioned.


2022 was a great year for k-pop. If you are new to k-pop, you are most welcome to check out these songs which cater to a vast variety of audiences. With a huge influx of group and solo artists this year, they have managed to make their comebacks and debuts and carved their place in the music scene.

1. DKZ – Cupid

Starting strong with a happy-go-lucky song that proved to be the foundation stone for Jaechan, the Semantic Error actor, who is the ringleader of the group. This album brought the group’s album sales from an initial number of 5k sales to 300k sales. An energetic song with addicting choreography, this song is perfect to put you in a happy mood.

Pro Tip: Watch Semantic Error


The prodigies came back with a bang as the legendary producer Yedam has yet again shown his true colours in this EP, with strong melodies and vocals showcased by the group. Not only did the songs go viral, but they were also appreciated by the general audience too.

Special Mention: JIKJIN, U

3. Zico – New Thing

Initially released as a promotional track for Street Man Fighter but it became extremely viral through Instagram reels and gained a lot of streams, viral enough to go through some controversies too.

3. NewJeans – Hype Boy

The pioneer of the fresh wave of girl groups this year, they have taken the crown after breaking numerous with just their debut album. Not only did their company make one-of-a-kind decisions with their marketing strategies, but the girls were also a good transpose for fans and the general audience alike.

Special Mentions: Attention, Cookie, Ditto

4. fromis_9 – DM

The girls came back with even better songs and made a splash with their heavenly vocals and broke many records this year. 2022 proved to be a huge year for fromis_9 and their future looks even more promising.

Pro tip: Check out their older songs such as Talk That Talk, We Go, Love Bomb etc.

Special Mentions: Escape Room, Stay This Way

5. Wheein – Make Me Happy

MAMAMOO’s most daring member manages to make the most daring decisions as she releases one of the best works of 2022. The album is the best mix of r&b and pop. It explores love in the metamorphic sense of colours and paint and takes the listener to a whole new world.

Special Mention: Pastel

6. Moonbyul – Shutdown

As MAMAMOO gear up to kickstart their solo careers their bold strategies stand out in the industry which is conditioned to an almost industrial production of music. Moonbyul breaks these barriers with a hint of LGBTQ+ themes and quirky MBTI references.

Special Mention: LUNATIC

7. TXT – Lonely Boy

Although TXT had an almost non-active year compared to their earlier works, this song proves to be a trailblazer with its ear-catching melody and groundbreaking vocals.

Pro Tip: Check out TXT’s This is TXT playlist on Spotify.

8. aespa – Illusion

aespa had a pretty mediocre 2022 but Illusion saved their reputation with typical SM-style freakazoid melodies and eccentric vocals that stun.

Special Mention: Life’s Too Short, Girls

9. IVE – Love Dive

Another member of the 4th generation girl group influx as IVE takes to win after win with electric songs, catchy melodies, and viral-worthy choreographies.

Special Mention: After Like

10. (G)I-DLE – Nxde

One of the most legendary comebacks of 2022 after being subjected to numerous controversies, these girls are showing the industry that they turn heads wherever they go.

Special Mention: TOMBOY, My Bag

11. StayC – RUN2U

One of the best and most catchy melodies of 2022, StayC keeps breaking barriers for groups under small companies and has opened doors for nugu groups. This group deserves all the love and support they get.

Special Mention: Beautiful Monster, Poppy

12. BTS – Run BTS

Closure upon closure for these boys just proves their legendary status in the music industry as they gear up for more solo releases. An anthology after a career spanning almost 10 years and breaking every stereotype in k-pop, BTS continues to be a household name across the globe.

Special Mention: Yet To Come

13. Qeendom 2

This show brought out the best among these groups and has left one of the biggest marks in the industry. These performances will go down in history.

Special Mention: Hyolyn (Touch My Body, So What), LOONA (Shake It), WJSN (UNNATURAL, Pantomime), Kep1er (The Boys), Brave Girls (MVSK)

14. Jay Park, IU – GANADARA

One of the best collaborations of 2022, the song has proved to be a sensation among all listeners of k-pop.


One of the most legendary k-pop acts of the 3rd generation, these girls are back and they have shown what it is to be a 10/10.

16. Stray Kids – Maniac

One of the few boy groups that made a mark in 2022, Stray Kids is instigating the best productions in k-pop.

Special Mention: Charmer, CASE 143, I hate to admit

17. GOT The Beat – Step Back

Once again, SM is making the best marketing decisions in the industry as it brings in the most legendary k-pop girl group across all generations to come together for a song that went viral both for its melody and got dragged through the mud for its lyricality.

18. B.I, Soulja Boy, DeVita – BTBT

No one denies the melodic genius of B. I as the former member and leader of the iconic iKon, as his electric choreography, and sexy vocals set the stage on fire.

19. BIBI – Animal Farm

After having a pretty tight year, with collaborations and OSTs left, right and centre, BIBI is seen releasing tons of her work that just keeps getting better and better.

20. PSY, Suga – That That

PSY who is known for his biggest hit single “Gangnam Style” is back in 2022, with an album that describes the most depressing of all our lives, the Voldemort virus, and he is joined by the legend himself, Suga.

Consolation Prizes:

21. BLACKPINK – Shut Down (Special Mention: Pink Venom, Hard To Love)

22. Seventeen – HOT (Special Mention: Cheers, _WORLD, Circles, Ruby)

23. NCT – Glitch Mode (Special Mention: Candy)

24. Kep1er – Up! (Special Mention: We Fresh)

25. Red Velvet – Feel My Rhythm (Special Mention: Birthday)

26. Jessi – Zoom

27. ONEUS – Same Scent

28. LESERAFFIM – ANTIFRAGILE (Special Mention: FEARLESS, Sour Grapes, The Hydra)


30. RM, Anderson Paak – Still Life

31. Solar – Honey


33. Xdinary Heroes – Test Me (Special Mention: Haircut)

34. Kwon Eunbi – Glitch

35. Seulgi – 28 Reasons

36. Jin – Astronaut

37. NMIXX – O.O (Special Mention: Tank, Dice)

38. P1Harmony – Do It Like This

39. LOONA – Flip That

40. XG – Mascara

41. Billie – Gingamingayo

42. Girl’s Generation – Forever 1

43. Purple Kiss – (Special Mention: Nerdy,  memeM)

44. Twice – Talk That Talk

45. Tempest – Bad News


47. Apink CHOBOM – Copycat

48. Itzy – Cheshire (Special Mention: Boys Like You)

49. BoA – Forgive Me

50. Viviz – BOP BOP!

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