The kindness of a stranger; A scar that still brings up smile! – Part 01

It was getting late in the evening and I was hastily returning from college with mixed emotions. I was super happy about the dance performance that was supposed to take place the next day at the annual function, somewhat preparing myself to get scolded for being so late and somewhat anxious as there was a road jam due to the ongoing protest in the middle of the main road.

I was sure it was going to delay my journey, so I moved as my fellow travelers did: Slowly and steadily. We were unaware of the blockages ahead. There were large and midsize stones in the road, creating much more complications in moving forward, and then a few of the two-wheelers slipped and mine was one of them.

I was in shock and quickly pulled myself back, picked up my scooter, and pushed it for a while, totally unaware of the condition of my leg.

I sat back in my vehicle and started riding it, feeling a shockingly sharp pain in my right leg. Looking down at it, I realized that it was badly injured with a deep wound from which there was blood oozing out uncontrollably. At that exact moment, I started feeling dizzy and stopped in front of a roadside shop. I felt thirsty and dizzy at the same time.

The shopkeeper was unable to see my injured leg, but the customer, who was in to buy some perfume, asked me, “Has something happened to you? You are looking a little disturbed.” I replied, fumbling with my words, “I had an accident; it’s a little scratch, I guess.” He looked at my leg and was in disbelief. “You need a check-up and first aid ASAP! There is no way you are going ahead like this.” The customer and shopkeeper brought me in to sit and relax a little. They bought me a bottle of chilled juice and as I was about to hold the bottle I fell unconscious!

To be continued

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