Ukraine strongly dismisses Vladimir Putin’s 36-hour ‘Christmas Truce’

The Russian Leader has called for a temporary ceasefire on the Ukrainian frontline along the lines of Russian Orthodox Christmas which Kyiv has dismissed quickly.

Christmas Truce, Supposed to be A Treat for Everybody!

Ukraine strongly dismisses Vladimir Putin’s 36-hour ‘Christmas Truce'
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Vladimir Putin has ordered a 36-hour ceasefire in Ukraine during the Russian Orthodox Christmas. This ceasefire will last from midday Friday (0900 GMT), until the end of Saturday (2100 GMT). He has also asked Kyiv to reciprocate as well. 

Meanwhile, Ukraine quickly denounced the truce and said to keep the ‘hypocrisy’ to themselves. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky that the truce was disguised as an attempt to stop Ukraine’s advancements in eastern Donbas so that they can bring in more men and equipment.

Ukraine strongly dismisses Vladimir Putin’s 36-hour ‘Christmas Truce'
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Christmas Truce declared

The statement made by the Kremlin emphasizes the fact that the truce was called based on an appeal made by the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill, and not because Russia wants to de-escalate the fight. Many Orthodox believers live in these areas and according to Patriarch Kirill,  a truce would allow them to celebrate Christmas Eve on Friday and Christmas Day on Saturday. He has also delivered many anti-Western speeches and remarks while simultaneously giving his blessings to the Russian troops fighting in Ukraine.  

The move comes days after a huge blowback to Russian troops in the occupied city of Makiivka where a Ukrainian strike on temporary barracks killed many soldiers. The Russian Defence Ministry claimed that 89 Russian soldiers were killed in this encounter. This is also the highest loss of life that the Kremlin has accepted.  However, according to Ukrainian sources, nearly 400 Russian soldiers were killed.

According to Ukrainian Foreign Minister, Dmytro Kuleba, Russia has ignored President Zelensky’s multiple appeals for peace and has continued shelling on 24th December as well as on New Year’s Eve. US President Joe Biden has also dismissed the truce by saying that the Russian leader was “trying to find some oxygen”. 

Allies of Ukraine have also scorned this announcement as well with Germany announcing that it will follow the United States in providing a Patriot air defence missile system along with armoured vehicles.  France said that it will follow suit. 

The Russian Orthodox Church follows the Julian Calendar which declares 7th January as Christmas Day and in Ukraine, some people celebrate this day as well. This year for the first time, the Orthodox Church of Ukraine said it would allow celebrations on 25th December. 

The Christmas Truce would have been great for all parties involved. Everyone deserves calm family time.

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