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Sharing is something which is necessary for every field either in the corporate field or in real life. Sharing is always necessary. It is the joint use of resources and spaces.

It is also the process of dividing and distributing. Sharing is something which someone also uses a half portion of yours while enjoying and it is also something we let someone take our things while we have our own.

An example of Sharing is when two children are playing with a truck nicely. Sharing makes you one of the best people in the world,  the more you give, the more you will get in the life ahead.

Seven principles of information you should always remember: Necessary, proportionate, relevant, adequate, accurate, timely and secure: ensure that the information you share is necessary for the purpose for which you are sharing it, and is shared only with those individuals who need to have it, is accurate and up-to-date, is shared in a timely fashion, and is shared securely.

Purpose Of Sharing: 

Suppose sometimes you do not feel well and long for something which is not in your hand and sometimes it might be impossible for you to get that and if sometimes you feel not well and always want something which you need the most and after you do not get that you feel very very upset, so in this type of situation you need to share with your friends, relatives and so on.

Sharing with others allows you to celebrate the accomplishment,  talk through difficult decisions,  and treat our other dialogue. 

Levels of Sharing : 

First level: Always share a first-term goal and not let anyone know your long goal because it does not let things happen fast. 

Second level: Use the things in common ground,  let them talk with your ground level and not let them know anything else. 

Third level:  This is one of the main and important levels of sharing where people not only share their problems but also help to share emotionally with each other, which is very very rare to see. People often share money with anyone who is very needy but the need for this level of sharing means emotional sharing is required very much at that time.

Now we’re going to discuss the codes of ethics because directly or indirectly sharing our speech somewhere depends on the code of ethics.

  1. Integrity is one of the important parts of ethics where people normally used to integrate with themselves and find that they are not good. 
  1. Whenever we are used to talking with anyone, we are normally trying to talk in a simple manner without hurting anyone, so whenever you are going to share anything to anyone please try to share these all things in a very professional way.
  1. Transparency is also one of the most effective ways to share your thoughts with them because Transparency helps a lot while sharing anything with anyone.
  1. One of the most important and most powerful things that is very needed to take care of while sharing is to keep in mind environmental concerns because it depends a lot while sharing any thoughts in front of others.

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