Vizhinjam Port and its controversies

Located around 16 km from Trivandrum, at the tip of the state of Kerala, lies the Vizhinjam Port which recently has the entire nation’s eyes drawn to it. Won by the Adani group in a competitive bid in 2015, this place is set to be one of the largest coastal accommodations in India. However, in recent days, the violence and protests going on in the area have brought sworn enemies together. Let’s look at the unique case of Vizhinjam Port. 

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The Vizhinjam Port project has been a subject of great contention for different people, there have been various angles that this issue can be looked at through. The Vizhinjam port, if constructed, would bring India 30 berths which would make this the largest accommodation in India to date. This port would be designed for the accommodation of 30 megamix carriers. 

Cargo these days are carried and supplied to countries in containers. A Megamax container can carry more than 20 thousand TEUs and due to betterment in technology, we can expect a Gigamax shortly which could carry an unthinkable amount of cargo. However, the ports the port at, need to have high-quality infrastructure.

The opposition however is coming from a different point of view. They claim that there are environmental risk factors involved here. They also raise the concerns of the fishermen. They demand the following points:

  • Rehabilitation facilities for the lives affected by sea erosion. 
  • Effective steps to mitigate this crisis
  • Financial and safety amenities to the fishermen during weather warnings.
  • Compensation to fishermen due to the loss in business that they might undergo.
  • Subsidized kerosene rates 
  • Fishing port to be made for better fishing efficiency

BJP and CPM working together?

The two opposing BJP and CPM have collaborated and are working together towards the betterment of this project as this is of huge economic benefit to the people of the state and the people of the country as well. 

India is very poor as we have very very few transshipment hubs. This is a way of encouraging business and trade and FDI in India. 

What is Transhipment?

India is very poor as we have very very few transshipment hubs. This is a way of encouraging business and trade and FDI in India. In India, there are very few transshipment hubs, and creating such ports will lead to encouraging business and trade in India.

Transshipment is the process of unloading a package or container from one ship, loading it onto another ship, and finally shipping it to its final destination. In other words, the package or container reaches a specific location first rather than its final destination. It is then unloaded and transferred to another vessel for transport to its destination.

Intermediate locations or points where shipments are delivered are called transshipment points. This will generate rental income and in India, the size of the market will facilitate the functioning of our economy. For example, products arriving in India are transported from the exporting country to the port of Colombo for transshipment, resulting in an inflow of income to Colombo. The same idea is being implemented in the construction of Vizhinjam port, but it has been delayed due to protests.

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