Many high-caliber movies and TV shows are currently available on HBO Max. Everyone may enjoy HBO’s top-notch selection, whether they have been devoted HBO subscribers for a long time or are newcomers with an HBO Max membership. HBO’s meticulously selected film library is unmatched by any other, despite the development of streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime in recent years.

When it comes to Oscar-winning films, compelling documentaries, hilarious stand-up specials, and HBO original productions, HBO’s streaming service is still the top choice for movie fans. The top movies now available on HBO Max are all star-studded productions, so check them out.


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The story of Dr. David Bowman and the Discovery One spacecraft’s crew is told in A Space Odyssey. Bowman and the rest of the crew, who rely heavily on Hal 9000 (Douglas Rain), the ship’s onboard computer, start to freak out when it’s thought that the A.I. with a human personality has made a mistake. Hal, however, has a different perspective and attributes the error to his human friends’ shortcomings. This last frontier of human progress, which is set out in the lonesome vacuum of space, sets man against machine in a film whose suggested scenarios for the near future will fascinate and scare.

Rotten tomatoes:92% 


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To recreate the enchanted Christmas he had as a youngster, Ralphie returns to offer his children. anticipated sequel to Peter Billingsley’s holiday classic A Christmas Story.

Rotten tomatoes:80% 


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Detective Alonzo, a senior drug interdiction detective, is tasked with guiding Jake Hoyt through the programme. Hoyt quickly finds himself in a trap after realising Alonzo’s tactics are immoral.

Rotten tomatoes:73% 


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Plans for a film adaptation of a popular play in 1950s London are abruptly abandoned after the death of a crucial crew member. When a jaded inspector and a motivated rookie constable embark on the investigation, they are thrust into a perplexing whodunit inside the glamorously dirty world of underground theater and are forced to look into the strange killing at their own risk.

Rotten tomatoes:75% 


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A couple who is going to split sends their kids on vacation to a tropical resort. Their vacation quickly turns into a nightmare when they find themselves on a remote beach where they age quickly.

Rotten tomatoes:50% 


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At the age of eleven, Monica moves in next door to Quincy, and the two have a similar upbringing. But as their relationship progresses and they fall in love, their ambitions to be the finest basketball players get in the way.

Rotten tomatoes:85% 


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After escaping Laurie’s trap, Michael Myers makes his approach toward Laurie while killing others. On the other side, Laurie gets assistance from a group of people who survived his earlier attacks.

Rotten tomatoes:38% 


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Andrew enrolls in the College of Music Studies in an effort to improve as a drummer. Counselor Terence Fletcher works with him. Terence is pushed beyond reason and sensibility by his unconventional training techniques.

Rotten tomatoes:94% 


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A widower, elderly actor is looking for a chauffeur. The star goes to his trusted technician, who ultimately suggests a 20-year-old woman. Despite their early reservations, they end up developing a very special bond.

Rotten tomatoes:97% 


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An intimate portrayal of British singer-songwriter Amy Winehouse’s life and career is presented via archival video and firsthand accounts.

Rotten tomatoes:95% 


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