Every student interested in going to USA for higher studies would have heard about GRE and GMAT. What are these? These are exams administered by ETS (Educational Testing Service) located in US to caliberate readiness/intelligence of graduate students to undergo post-graduate programs in US. ETS is a non-profit organization and has branches spread over all parts of the world.

Almost all universities in in US require GRE score; a good GRE score means better prospects of getting a good college. In fact a good GRE score along with good academic achievement gets a positive response.

Now the anatomy of GRE: GRE has 3 sections viz. verbal, Quantitative and Analytical. The test is of 4 hours duration (approx.). You are allowed to take breaks during the exam for total of 12 minutes. It is imperative to arrive on or before time and be fully prepared.

The score range of the 3 sections is: Quantitative reasoning :-130-170,

Verbal Reasoning section:-130-170 & Analytical score:-0-6.

Now, this is important: you can take the test more than once and the better of the test course will be sent to universities.

About GMAT:- It stands for Graduate Management Admission Test. This test is for students who want to go for MBA in USA. It is standardized test for MBA aspirents. This test is also administered by ETS and is a computer adaptive test. It is 3 hours 7 minutes test and can be given 3 times. In fact the topmost universities of US heavily depend on GMAT in their selection process.  The total score of GMAT is 800 and till recently only 3 people hit the 800 score in history(one among them a B.Com student from Mumbai) Several countries accept GMAT scores for entering their colleges including India for executive programs of IIMs .

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