Why are Indians so unhappy? Is there a way out?

India still ranks last in the most recent World Happiness Report 2022, which was released by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network of the United Nations. In a study of 146 nations, we placed 136th.

This ranking was made based on how people answered the Cantril Ladder of Life Evaluation. In this exercise, participants are asked to picture a ladder from 0 (the worst conceivable life) to 10 (the finest possible life) and then describe the step they believe they are now on. 

The low ranking shows that, on average, Indians don’t have a good quality of life, which can have big effects on their general health, happiness, and many other things. As a metric, life evaluations are thought to be more reliable and comprehensive representations of subjective well-being. A low ranking shows that Indians are not happy with their current situation, even without the pandemic.

We are still in the bottom ten. The last survey showed a small improvement, but we are still in the same group as countries like Afghanistan, Mexico, and Lebanon which have a lot of war and violence.

While many psychologists claim that one survey or a particular metric scale cannot be looked upon as the sole report and analysis for the entire population, 

On the other hand, the Happy Planet Index merely aspires to serve as a compass that points in the direction of a new vision of economic advancement; it is by no means a “full” or “perfect” metric. In this report, India currently ranks fourth-lowest globally in terms of subjective well-being.

What can be done about this big call for help?

From our mere childhood until the time we are “grown-ups,” we go through an immense amount of pressure and unwanted stress.

Our health is put at risk by cutthroat competition, biased and critical looks at our career choices, and the rat race to reach an idol standard. We as a society need to collectively take some essential steps and move towards change. Accepting different points of view, treating different national choices as normal, looking out for each other, and knowing the signs of depression are all important. 

As for ourselves in particular, look for things that trigger our stress and take a break. Taking regular pills and going through detox should help our situation. The best thing about being a Bhartiya is that we can use it well in both our personal and professional lives.

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