Adventure of Gemelli Careri

Adventure of gemelli careri

Sometimes we get bore of daily routine, office work we get frustrated of doing same kind of hectic work our mind and body demands relax , we go for holidays travelling out of stations same happened with gemelli careri, which was an Italian traveler  something 500 years age he thought how to arrange money for the travelling, let us know which classic travel book take inspiration from him.

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Gemelli careri  1651ad- 1725ad in 1651 he took born, by profession he was a lawyer or advocate  but he was not enjoying his work to come out from work frustration decided to travel, but I thought how he will arrange or manage  the expanses of travelling. He buy the product from one place sell it to other shopkeeper in double prize or higher prize in compare to original prize. 

 After travelling naples, cairo , Constantinople, Armenia, Persia, iran after yhat he reached Bandar kong were he found grimples of india  here he purchased dates, wine, dryfruits. Were imported from middle eastern to india to earn money to get profit.  On 26 november in 1694 reached to india. It took 44 days to reach india because by mistaken he sat on wrong ship he reached  to daman.  These decision make him with trouble fought with hunger, pirates  ,  even misunderstanding with ship’s captain after lots of struggle and circumstances he reached daman  then surat which big business settlement everything was available in surat such as gold , spices ,cotton, silk, brocade, velvet now careri reached bassein near Mumbai which today called as vasai. Bassien was an important trading center for portogese. It was also resort for their fidalgos.

Salsette island were were connected as major  islands in 1854 which later called as  Bombay. Such as bombaim(Bombay)bandora(bandra)varsava(varsova)tana(thane)maim(mahim)then combination on 7 island became Mumbai. Then he visited caves of kanheri  visiting kanheri was not an easy task that was 8 miles dense forest  with wild animals like tigers.he was the first traveler described about the cave in depth from his writings we aware about caves of that period.  According to careri that kanheri was great wonder of asia. 

Gamelli careri was fir traveler to make serious study of kanheri caves  dimentions the accuracy of which has stood the test of time . Mainly he spend his time in western parts of india. Apart from these he went to  galgala in 1695 came to see aurangeb camp he got surprised when he saw 60,000 horses 10 lakh soilders,  50,000 camels,  300 elephants. People from business class , artisans etc. there was croud of 50 lakhs people in the camp  agra, delhi, fatehpur and Lahore,were mughal capital only in formal sense. For the capital was actually a  moving  camp  with the  emperor. Essential neccasicity was there. After 4 days of reaching camp careri got opportunity to meet emperor. Aurengzeb asked careri  from which country do you belong , why did you visit here, do you work for our dynasty?then careri  replied he is a just a traveler  and wish to see whole world. Then he went to goa then left india  in 1965.

After  that he visited maccau, china, mexico , cuba, cadiz then he reached his home naples.  These journey went upto 5 years which he described in his book  giro del mondo of 1699 it  is said that a book written by inspired of gemelli  careri that was best selling  book of jules  verne. Around the world 80 days. 

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