Assam Government Should Check Pollution Level Regularly, Advises NGT

Assam Government Should Check Pollution Level Regularly, Advises NGT

NGT has asked the Assam government to make a road map to combat air pollution and the problem of solid waste management. An application was filed by a resident of Guwahati stating that the city is the North-East’s most polluted city!

The reasons are said to be dust particles, biomass burning and vehicular pollution, leading to an increase in particulate matter (PM2.5) and PM10. These pollutants are very harmful and are responsible for various lung diseases and respiratory problems.

This northeastern city is a major contributor to black carbon in the world. It is due to the rapid urbanization and poor environmental quality control in Guwahati which is giving rise to such high BC levels.

Guwahati has been India’s most rapidly growing city. Guwahati is home to a million and a half population, with a rapidly urbanizing nature over the last 10-12 years. For example, there are just two major roads – the GS road and the GNB road – connecting different parts of the city, and a very poor public transportation system.

Most people have higher standards and prefer using private vehicles keeping in mind the city’s traffic. With more and more people these days purchasing private vehicles, energy consumption (fossil fuel) and BC emissions have increased tremendously.

The city is also facing problems with unplanned and open burning of solid waste disposal. The way this city is growing and contributing to pollution is alarming. Guwahati holds a position in the world’s most polluted cities.

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