IISc Research Shows High Radon levels in Air and Water in Bengaluru, putting Residents at Risk of Cancer

Researchers from the Indian Institute of Science came together for a training programme on “Health in a Changing Climate: Empowering Health Professionals” and discovered that some locations on the outskirts of Bengaluru have groundwater with a high radon level that is utilised for consumption. Granites that are radioactive emit this radon. Lung cancer risk can be increased by radon exposure over an extended period of time. 

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A 7-kilogram baby born in Brazil, Here’s what increases the odds of having a big baby

In January, a massive catastrophe occurred at the Padre Colombo Hospital in Parintis, in the Brazilian Amazon. Angerson dos Santos was born via caesarean section, weighing 16 pounds and measuring two feet (60 cm) (7.3kg). In comparison, newborn boys weigh an average of 7lb 6oz (3.3 kilogrames) and girls weigh an average of 7lb 2oz (3.2 kilos), making this almost exceptional.