Basics  of  Search  Engine

Basics of Search Engine

The search engine is a very important part to discover any data, Search engine helps you to navigate around the web to find new content about the data you need. This all is done using the hyperlink and the web, the web is a collection of pages that are interlinked to each other. A hyperlink allows the user and the search engine to find new content about the same set of data they are looking for. Before the search engine existed, people use to enter the exact location of the data or they use to click on a link to get to a specific page. The file can include text files, Images, Videos, PDFs, and many more kinds of data. 

Purpose of Search Engine?

When search engines were not available in the public domain the web was used to control by only some of the tech-savvy companies and hobbyists. But when the web grew after a couple of years it was clear that the techniques used to find any data on the web at that time were not very efficient and a new solution was needed to ensure that more and more people should join the web and it should grow faster.

During 1993/1994 the first web search engines sprang up followed over the next couple of years by many commercial engines, including Excite, AltaVista, and Yahoo! The number of web pages and users had grown to the point where discovering the content you were looking for simply was no longer manageable via a centralized list.

Google itself started in 1996 and at first, it was called BackRub when Larry Page and Sergey Brin started it as a new search engine.

What is the Aim of the search engine?

The aim of every search engine is to provide the best and the most relevant data to its users and to deliver and fulfill their needs. Search engines always try to deliver you only the data which you have searched previously on the search engine and this happens by reading your search history.

How do search engines make Money?

Search engines have two types of search results: 

Organic results from the search index. You can’t pay to be here.

Paid results from advertisers. You can pay to be here.

Each time someone clicks a paid search result, the advertiser pays the search engine. This is known as pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and it’s why market share matters. More users mean more ad clicks and more revenue.


This is the basic first question that a search engine has to deal with when looking at any web page. What’s it about? Search engines want to know this because it helps them respond to user search queries with pages that are relevant to that query.

  1. Title of the web:- For any document, its title is very important because it says everything about the web.
  2. Semantic analysis of the content:- This is not tied as much as it used to be too specific keyword phrases, but the general relevance of a page is analyzed based on the words and phrases used.
  3. Anchor text used in links to the page:-  The text you click on in a link also acts as a label for what you would expect to find once you get to that page.
  4. Topic matter of third-party web pages containing links to the page:- If lots of pages about automobile topics link to your page selling a used Ford Mustang, that’s a good thing.
  5. Topic matter of the site on which the page resides:- Your page about selling a used Ford Mustang will do better on a site about used cars than it will on a site about water parks.
  6. How users respond to the content in the search engine results pages (SERPs):-  If everyone who clicks on a link immediately jumps back to the SERPs and clicks on something else, that could be a bad sign.


Search engines also try to determine how important each of the pages relevant to a particular search query is. This is how they determine which page should rank first, which one to rank second, and so forth. Creating great products or great content is incredibly valuable for many reasons. For one thing, people with websites may choose to link to yours if they believe it to be important.


The search engine is very much needed to search any of the data on the web and hyperlinks. Search engine is able to deliver the right data and information to the user and can fulfill the needs o the reader.


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