Bheed: A story of lockdown which shook the whole nation

Bheed: A story of lockdown which shook the whole nation

On 10th March, Anubhav Sinha directed Bheed’s trailer got released on Youtube. From the trailer, it looked like it tried and did very well in showing the pain of normal people during the lockdown. Anubhav Sinha chooses to release the trailer silently, without any event, no promotion. They just directly release it on the internet without making much noise. But also very commendable that Anubhav Sinha at least tried to show the pain of normal people.

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The trailer looks so promising, the trailer itself has some very strong scenes which did very well in showing the ground reality. There are many incidents that happen during the lockdown, some people have to walk a thousand kilometres to reach home, state borders were shut, poor people can’t get any food and much more. These are the reality that we know happened during the lockdown. But the ground reality is much more than that. What happened with people living in quarantine centres, the loss of a closed one due to the pandemic, the pain of being away from home, people’s careers gets completely destroyed and much more?

There is a scene in the trailer where the character played by Bhumi Pednekar is seen saying that ladies have to newspapers during their periods. That’s the kind of reality that this movie is trying to show. The reality which only known by only those who had to live through that. Again the trailer looks so promising, I hope the movie will be as good as the trailer. The movie is going to be released on 24th March 2023. 

After the release of the trailer, many people started saying that this is a propaganda movie, and many are praising the courage of Anubhav Sinha for making the movie. Some people are also doubtful about if the movie can get released without any controversy or even if it can get released. There is no doubt in that the makers have tried their best in showing the ground reality. And at least in the trailer, there is not a single scene in which you can say that this was not reality. But this is a movie, you can’t make it purely real, there will be some exaggeration. Exaggeration is just an exaggeration, it can’t be said as a lie. Calling it propaganda is another thing but I don’t think we can deny the reality which has been shown through the trailer. For the whole story, we have to wait for the 24th of March.

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