Shake off the Haters, Not Your Life’s Work- Why Taylor Swift’s Re-recorded Masters are Transformational

If you haven’t heard ‘Shake it off’ by Queen Taylor Swift, you might want to grab your closest device and listen to it, and suit yourself under a rock, because you are one in hundreds of millions to be so. Whether you are a teenager, a young adult, or well into adulthood, there’s just one voice that will instantly make you nostalgic and scream your lungs out, and that’s Taylor Alison Swift, the Music Industry. Whether that’s timeless classics like ‘You Belong With Me’, ‘Love Story’, ‘Blank Space’, and ‘Look What You Made Me do’, or heartbreak anthems like ‘All Too Well’, ‘Back to December’, ‘Clean’, ‘Teardrops on my Guitar’, Taylor has got us all covered

Gruesome death in Literature: Death of Myrtle Wilson

Death of Myrtle Wilson – Remember those stories you used to write at primary school? You know; the ones that would end cheerily with a sudden ‘and then we all went home for tea’ flourish. Well, sorry to pop a cap in your imaginative ass, but real life – and proper literature – isn’t like that, sonny. It’s dark, horrid and irredeemably ghastly. Well, some of the time anyway. Most notably at times of death.