BJP MP Varun Gandhi rejects Oxford’s invitation to speak on India’s Democracy

BJP MP Varun Gandhi rejects Oxford’s invitation to speak on India’s Democracy

Varun Gandhi the Bharatiya Janta Party ( BJP) MP from the Pilibhit constituency, rejected an offer from Oxford University, to speak on the democratic situation of India. He said as an elected representative he is not in favour of raising a domestic issue on an international platform.

BJP MP Varun Gandhi rejects Oxford’s invitation to speak on India’s Democracy
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BJP leader Varun Gandhi has said no to an invitation to speak at Oxford University on the state of democracy in India, he said it is better to raise this type of critical issue within the boundary of the country and not on any international platform.

Gandhi, who remains vocal most of the time against the Union Government took the decision not to speak on the prestigious international platform as the debating society wanted him to speak against the motion that “This House Believes Modi’s India Is On The Right Path”

This development comes at a time when the ruling party, is protesting over Rahul Gandhi’s remarks in London and has brought the Parliament to a stand-still for the last four days. Rahul’s remark about India’s democracy in London has been described by the ruling party as “demeaning” to Indian democracy, more so as those remarks came from a foreign nation.

Speaking to the media Varun said Since he is a public representative in the Lok Sabha, he sees no merit in raising an internal issue on an international platform. He further added, “ It is a priority to participate in the national debate both within Parliament and through other fora in a constant and constructive manner.

However, such a comment must be made within India to Indian policymakers. I see no merit or integrity in vocalizing internal challenges in an international forum”.

The Pilibhit MP also said India is on the right track for development and inclusiveness, a path that has been created by different governments over the past seven decades. Every health democracy give its citizen the freedom and opportunity to get engaged with different issues, he noted

Varun Gandhi and BJP are not on the same page?

From the last few months, speculations are on that Varun Gandhi is not happy with his party, and the chances of him quitting the BJP are also being discussed in political circles. Sidelined by the Modi-Shah duo, Varun has been criticizing some of his own party’s policies but, recently he has been more vocal against the party and the government.

BJP MP Varun Gandhi rejects Oxford’s invitation to speak on India’s Democracy
Source: India Post English

Varun Gandhi was National General Secretary for the BJP before the arrival of Modi- Shah duo to national politics but was removed from the post after Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister. Although his mother Maneka Gandhi,  was made a minister in Modi’s first cabinet there was nothing for Varun he was also sidelined from the politics of UP after Yogi became the Chief Minister.

Ahead of the 2017 Uttar Pradesh elections, he made a demand before the BJP National leadership to make him the Chief Ministerial face but the duo of Modi- Shah ignored him and choose Yogi Adityanath. The biggest barrier for Varun in the BJP is that he has a Gandhi surname which the Modi- Shah duo doesn’t need to fight the Congress

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