Border Security Force: Another Pakistani intruder was arrested in Amritsar.

Border Security Force: Another Pakistani intruder was arrested in Amritsar

In Amritsar, Punjab, a Pakistani invader was captured by the Border Security Force on March 10. This incident occurred a day after Pakistani and Bangladeshi nationals were similarly detained by the border police in Punjab along this front.

In Punjab, close to the international border, the Border Security Force (BSF) captured a third Pakistani citizen. The intruder, a native of Pakistan’s Khyber district, was arrested on the intervening nights of March 9–10 in the Punjab province’s Ferozpur Sector.

Close to Border Outpost Tirath, situated in the Ferozpure sector, according to BSF, the intrusive person crossed the international border and entered Indian land.

“BSF squad detained him and searched him. He identified himself as a resident of Pakistan’s Dist. Khyber during early interrogation.” The BSF stated to the news agency ANI that a further course of action as per the SOP is in process.

The BSF Has Made Similar Arrests

In the previous three days, there have been three arrests. 

On the interim night of March 8–9, the Border Security Force (BSF)’s 144 Battalion members stationed at Rajatal Border Outpost in Punjab’s Amritsar Sector close to the international border had stopped a Pakistani intruder. The intrusion was an attempt to invade Indian territory.

The BSF claimed that its on-duty soldiers shot upon the intruder before apprehending him.

During early interrogation, the BSF claimed that the intruder identified himself as a Bangladeshi national.

His interrogation is ongoing, and the authorities will decide the next step.

On Thursday afternoon in the Punjab city of Gurdaspur, another intruder from Pakistan was apprehended by Border Security Force (BSF) troops who were on high alert.

Before they arrived at the border barrier, BSF soldiers detained a Pakistani citizen in the Gurdaspur sector close to Border Out Post Nikka. After crossing an international boundary, the invader entered Indian territory.

During his initial questioning, he described himself as Aamir Raza, a resident of the Distt Sialkot and a Pakistani citizen. His further interrogation is still ongoing.

Present-Day Case

In the early hours of March 10, 2023, a Pakistani national was caught by the Border Security Force (BSF) attempting to enter India through the Ferozepur sector.

A BSF soldier reported that during the night of March 9-10, the Pakistani intruder crossed the international border and entered India in the jurisdiction of the Tirath Border Outpost.

He was detained and examined by BSF personnel. He continued that when first questioned, the intruder identified himself as a citizen of Pakistan’s Khyber region. 

He is being questioned by a team of security and intelligence officials, and later, according to authorities, he might be turned over to the local police.

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