British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak promises to address illegal immigration and inflation

On January 4th, British  Prime minister Mr. Sunak promised to embark on the country’s most serious problems, where matters of cutting inflation and reducing illegal migration were focused points.  Mr. Sunak promised that his government will create a better future for their children and grandkids throughout his speech.

Suank Made promise

The prime minister pledged to bring “peace of mind” to the populace in his first significant speech of 2023, even though his government is battling a severely overburdened NHS and a wave of ongoing strikes.

During the speech on 4th January made promises where He listed five promises which consist- of halving inflation, growing the economy, reducing debt, cutting National Health Service waiting lists, and stopping the small boats that carry illegal migrants across the Channel from France.

“Those are the priorities of the people. They are the top priorities of your government. And either we will have accomplished them or we won’t, Sunak added.

“There are no tricks or ambiguities; we either deliver for you or we don’t. Action will be taken to restore public confidence in politics, or we won’t,” he continued.

Sunak Government is grappling with a crisis 

after a tumultuous year in UK politics that saw the resignation of two other prime ministers In October, Mr. Sunak came into power where he stressed that he would deliver stability. During  His speech, He claimed his priority was to “halve inflation this year to ease the cost of living and give people financial security.”

Liz Truss, predecessor Sunak, implemented policies that caused the British pound to plunge, increased borrowing costs, and necessitated emergency action from Britain’s central bank.

After replacing Truss in late October, Sunak and his government are grappling with a crisis of cost of living and widening labor unrest.

Because employees from the significant public sectors, like nurses, ambulance drivers, and trainers, organize disruptive strikes to call for higher wages to keep up with rising inflation.

Although it was slightly lower than in October, the UK’s inflation rate in November was 10.7%, which is still very high compared to the previous four decades. Living standards have fallen for millions of Britons as a result of rising energy and food prices, which are largely due to Russia’s military conflict with Ukraine.

Increasing pressure on the government

In recent weeks, the Sunak government has faced immense pressure to address failings in the public health system, with numerous front-page headlines highlighting the shortage of hospital beds and long waits to see a doctor or call an ambulance.

Authorities have laid the blame for the issues on an increase in COVID-19 and flu infections, while health officials argue that the issues are ongoing and the product of persistent government underfunding.

Sunak has additionally stated time and time again that his primary priority for his period in government is to stop migrants from attempting to enter the UK using tiny boats to cross the English Channel in search of refuge. More than 45,700 persons crossed the English Channel to enter the UK last year, setting a record and increasing by 60% since 2021.

Sunak said, “We will enact new regulations to halt tiny boats, making sure that you are caught and immediately expelled if you arrive in this nation illegally.

Despite having been in power for 12 years, Sunak’s Conservative Party is trailing the opposition Labour Party in the polls. By the end of 2024, the subsequent general election is scheduled to occur.

It’s going to be very important to see how the sunk government will handle this increasing pressure. 

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