BTS Jimin, the powerhouse of the boy band, a great dancer and a vocalist shines in every aspect.

BTS Jimin, the powerhouse of the boy band, a great dancer and a vocalist shines in every aspect.

A look at his precious Journey from delivering some solo hits and creating his charm on the stage.

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Park Ji-min popularly known as Jimin was born on 13 October 1995. He is a south korean singer and dancer who joined the BTS boy band in 2013. He completed his graduation in Broadcasting and Entertainment in 2020, and As of 2021, he is pursuing his Master of Business Administration in Advertising and Media from Hanyang Cyber University. He studied dance at Busan High School of Arts, and later he joined an Entertainment company which led him to BigHit Entertainment.

Under the Band’s name he released three solo songs- ‘Lie’ in 2016, which was the band’s second studio Album ‘Wings’. It was described as Dramatic which conveyed dark emotions in the overall Album. ‘Serendipity’ in 2017, as a part of the Album, ‘Love Yourself: Her’ was sweet and sensual, which explained the curiosity of love.‘Filter’ in 2020 as part of ‘Map of the Soul:7’ had a pop flair that reflected different sides of Jimin, and globally each was a chartbuster. In 2018 he released his solo digital track ‘Promise’ of a sweet melody where Jimin says about loving yourself. He said he used to hover around the thought of self-love which he penned down in these lyrics- ‘Sitting alone, my mind keeps going far away, Since when did I give pain to you, you’re going further away. So that you won’t be hurt and so that you could smile.’ He is telling the Army that they can be their light. In an interview, he said how he finds loving himself harder than loving others.

In 2022 he recorded the duet ‘With you’ with Ha Sung Woon for the soundtrack of the Tvn Drama ‘Our blues’ 

Jimin’s vocals are described as delicate. He is praised for his elegant and smooth movements in his dance with exceptional charm on the stage. In the documentary ‘Burn the stage’ he said that even the smallest mistakes on the stage make him feel guilty.

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