ChatGPT Demand On Google Hits A Record High

China is leading in the demand for ChatGPT, a text-based artificial intelligence tool, despite allegations that local IT giants have voiced objections to the technology. The search for the application on Google has reached a record high.

Increasing popularity of “ChatGPT”

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Global Google searches for the term “ChatGPT” have increased to a popularity score of 92, according to statistics gathered by Finbold. “The score reached its highest point the week of January 11 at 100. Notably, as of November 30, 2022, when the tool was released, the word had a score of less than 1, according to the report. China tops the list in terms of regional split as of January 13 with a high score of 100, followed by Nepal at 35, and Norway at 28.

High demand in China

Notably, the US States did not appear among the nations where ChatGPT demand was rising, according to the survey. The strong demand in China can be attributable to a number of things, including the choice of consumers to use virtual private networks (VPNs). Users are likely to create mirror sites at the same time to utilize the feature. According to a article, it is likely other regional Chinese IT behemoths would introduce comparable products. 

Jobs of ChatGPT

The AI chatbot, created by Microsoft-owned OpenAI, can comprehend and respond to a variety of human inputs, enabling ChatGPT to do a variety of jobs, like writing code and creating content, among others. In the financial markets, the technology can be used for purposes like providing trading insights. The basic function of Chat GPT is to produce text-box responses that are similar to what real people would write. As a result, it is appropriate for dialogues between chatbots, AI systems, and virtual assistants. Additionally, it can produce novels and poems as well as genuine conversational answers to questions.

Challenges Faced by Chatgpt

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Despite ChatGPT’s initial success, the technology still has a number of challenges to overcome before it can be widely used and grown. For instance, ChatGPT requires additional understanding of current events as its knowledge only extends through 2021. As a result, search engines have an advantage when it comes to providing real-time information, according to the survey. Additionally, there are challenges that humans could face due to the extensive use of ChatGPT like the prevalence of fake social media accounts is a major issue online, and the use of AI chatbots would facilitate online fraud. The dissemination of erroneous information is a further issue, particularly in light of ChatGPT’s ability to make even inaccurate responses seem convincingly correct.

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