Depletion of the Animal Wealth, creating issues for humans?

Plants and animals are important elements of the Ecosystem.  Animal species becoming endangered are proof towards an imbalanced Ecosystem. A well-balanced Ecosystem purifies the earth. There are many endangered species across the world, that are on the verge of getting extinct. 

Talking about the endangered species our mind starts reasoning – Is it upon humans to choose which animal or plant dies or lives? Are animals and plants the reason behind human survival?

The situation of endangered species is so atrocious. The decrease in the number of animals and plants is heading to the worst situation that the human race had ever seen. Humans have depleted resources to such an extent that it seems nearly impossible to live without having even necessities such as air and water.

Though various steps have been taken by the government and other organizations. The steps taken for animal welfare and environment conservation will indirectly save the human resources of the world. The hostility shown by humans in many cases claims to deplete these resources by various means. One such incident has grabbed the lamplight in the past few days.

The headline about the explosives inside a pineapple that was eaten by the Elephant in Kerala is one amongst many such cases. It is our responsibility as human beings to save mother nature and its children in the form of natural resources including flora and fauna cover.

As it is wisely said- “All lives are important irrespective of the fact how small it is.” Not just this but it was said once “The greatness of the nation can be seen in how the animals are treated in it.” Because uniting to save the Animals is a step towards saving humans.

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