Legal issues around sustainable cities and society

This article explores the legal issues surrounding sustainable cities and societies. With a focus on the intersection of environmental, social, and economic considerations, it examines how legal frameworks can support or hinder the creation of sustainable urban environments. The article addresses a range of topics, including land use planning, green infrastructure, energy and water management, waste reduction, and transportation. It … Read more

Sustainable Tourism: The importance of responsible and eco-friendly travel

Sustainable tourism embraces concerns for environmental protection, social equity, and the quality of life, cultural diversity, and a dynamic, viable economy delivering jobs and prosperity for all. Tourism is a huge part of our global culture, allowing us to explore different parts of the world, meet people from different walks of life, and experience new traditions and activities. Since it … Read more

PROJECT CHEETAH: Becoming Blunt?

It becomes apparent that approximately 15% of the animals failed to survive the initial stage of India’s ambitious Project Cheetah. The goal is to create a self-sustaining group of roughly 35 cheetahs within the following ten years by transporting a small number annually from Africa. As a result, it’s understood that numerous deaths may occur among the animals, taking into … Read more

India becomes more active in the fight against global warming

Overwhelming evidence shows that climate change presents growing threats to public health security – from extreme weather-related disasters to the wider spread of such vector-borne diseases as malaria and dengue.  The impacts of climate on human health will not be evenly distributed around the world. The Third Assessment Report (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change-2001) concluded that vulnerability to climate change … Read more

  Recycling Digits: A New Lifestyle

“Recycling is not a secret to be discussed as a topic day by day by environmental activists. Recycling is a method of recovering and reprocessing old material into a new product. Well recycling is one of the effective methods to save the earth before it gets destroyed” Introduction: Recycling is very important, but it has a huge impact on the … Read more

The Interconnected Factors Shaping a Country’s Development: Climate, Topography, Demography, and Natural Resources

“A country’s development is influenced by a complex interplay of factors, including climate, topography, demography, and natural resources. These factors can have profound effects on a country’s economy, social stability, and international relations. Policymakers must take a holistic approach when planning for their country’s development, taking into account the potential impacts of climate change, promoting sustainable development, and ensuring equitable … Read more

What are bio enzymes and how it is beneficial for the farmers 

Bio enzymes are naturally occurring proteins that act as catalysts in various biochemical reactions. They are produced by living organisms and play a crucial role in maintaining the chemical balance of their environments. Enzymes are essential for life and have a wide range of applications in various fields, including agriculture . Bio enzymes can be used to create insecticides that … Read more

The World’s 5 Blue Zones 

Blue zones are geographical areas where People live longer, healthier lives than the average person. What are Blue Zones? These areas are known as “blue zones” because blue circles were drawn around them on a map in the early 2000s by researchers studying longevity and health. There are seven blue zones in the world, each with its own distinct characteristics that … Read more

Mount Merapi in Indonesia erupts, burying communities in ash

One of the world’s active volcanoes, Mount Merapi erupted and covered communities in ash. According to the National Disaster Mitigation Agency, there have been no reports of fatalities.  The ash cloud, according to the Merapi Volcano Observatory, rose 9,600 feet above the peak. After the eruption, which was detected at 12:12 pm, authorities set up a limited area seven kilometres … Read more

Brazil Suspends Beef Export To China Due To Detection Of Mad Cow Disease

Brazil stopped exporting beef to China for the time being, followed by the detection of mad cow disease. The circumstances may cause an economic imbalance between both countries. China might re-establish its trade relationship with Australia if the ban is not momentary. China is the highest purchaser of Brazilian beef globally. Brazil put an abrupt stop to the export of … Read more

Environmental Concerns in European Regions. 

This article talks about the rising environmental concerns in the European Region as we all know there is a need for several policies to be implemented. When it comes to environmental concerns increases with the distribution of income and wealth and lead to a less greenhouse gas incentive industry nowadays, we have to focus on our environment and protect it … Read more

Prophecy Of “Battle Of Armageddon”

The term “Battle of Armageddon” has its origins in biblical prophecy and is mentioned in the Book of Revelation, the last book of the New Testament. According to Christian eschatology, the Battle of Armageddon refers to a future apocalyptic battle that will take place at the end of the world. In the Book of Revelation, Armageddon is described as a … Read more

Celebration of Earth Hour Day concerning environmental issues

A 60-minute annual event marks a step towards environmental awareness and state issues concerning the environment and its impact on people. Highlights When was the last time we genuinely thought of caring for the environment? Undoubtedly, campaigns and initiatives are a perpetual occurrence. Yet, the question lies in how we incorporate the message and apply it in our daily lives. … Read more

PM Modi inaugurated Global Millets Conference. 

Based on India’s proposal for 2023 it is declared the International Year of Millets by the United Nations General Assembly.  Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi inaugurated the Global Millets (Shri Anna) in a conference held at Subramaniam Hall, NASC Complex, IARI Campus,  PUSA New Delhi in line with Prime Minister’s vision is  to make the celebrations of International Year of … Read more