Hate Speech disrupting the political discourse

The recent hype that was created post the disqualification of Rahul Gandhi as an MP unleashed several hate statements made by the ruling party as pointed out by the opposition


  • “Surpanekha” comments attacking Renuka Chowdhury
  • Labelling Shashi Tharoor’s deceased wife as a 50 crore girlfriend
  • Attacking farmers for protesting against farm laws, citizenship acts, etc.

The internet was taken by storm since former Congress MP Rahul Gandhi was convicted in a defamation case by the BJP. His remarks which were inclusive of the surname “Modi” had thieves attached to them much to the discomfort of the ruling party at the center.

The party in a much sought-after attempt is probably convinced of getting a strong foothold in paving their way through. It is thus quite reflective of the BJP’s growing interest in Rahul Gandhi in specific and that the otherwise Congress leader is a matter of earnest concern for them. 

Image Courtesy: The Statesman

In a much vindictive attempt, Congress MP Renuka Chowdhury tried to follow suit by lodging a similar defamation case on the PM citing his Surpanekha remarks on her laughter at a 2018 parliamentary proceeding. She challenged the courts thereafter as to how fast and efficient they will be in acting upon the same provided that the defamation case concerning Rahul Gandhi was made in absolute haste.

It’s no wonder that cases involving hate speech or derogatory remarks are being made by and against politicians citing events in the past which have no resemblance to the present. It questions the very practice of democracy that requires a clear and equal platform for all parties to thrive and contest.

The defamation case is just one among many tools to restrict the opposition from smoothly contesting the elections. Leaders of several other political parties have also condemned the move and wonder about any alternative action concerning the reactions from the opposition.

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Other comments targeting people apart from politicians

Not only politicians but also individuals from other walks of life directly or indirectly associated with political events fall prey to such comments. Be it the farmers protesting against the farm laws, or the citizens protesting against the Citizenship Amendment Act, defamation cases have been attributed as a threat every time. It also targeted the minority and other sections of people like women and demonstrators in specific.

Women as a target have faced aversive comments too. Be it the “50 crore girlfriend” remark made by the PM targeting Congress MP Shashi Tharoor’s deceased wife, or the Surpanekha comment targeting Chowdhury, the opposition has condemned these actions of the ruling party as significantly sexist and derogatory. However, the ruling party’s hesitation and tendency of evading away questions concerning the Adani issue continue to exist.

Image Courtesy: The Telegraph

The Constitution guarantees a considerable fair share of rights to its citizens along with the existing legal framework that passes judgments on actions as condemnable or non-condemnable. However, the practice of democracy ought not to come at the cost of demoralizing the intentions and existence of individuals and their actions, especially targeting minorities in general or women in specific.

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