History of Bengali community

History of Bengali community

Do you know that in the rule of Nanda dynasty , the Alexander the great  defeated from Bengali community lets us find more interesting facts about Bengali community.

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Bengal or bangaal originated from Persian word bangle and it made by word vangla previously the region call as vangla Pradesh which today called as west Bengal.

According to Arthaveda in 1000bc the king of demon or evil(asur)raja vali  belong from Bengal region. Even the region described in Mahabharat of vanga dynasty they also come from Bengal.

When archeologist excavated in Bengal so of the evidence or research says that which is 20,000 year old of stone age, such as evidence of pit dwelling.

Those locals were set up Bengal who already migrated one by one they were such as Austro-Asiatic, tibeto burman, dravid or indo Aryan. 

Historian also found that before 2000 years ago the people who grow rice helped Bengali’s for their establishment. But it also believed that  the beginners citizen came from Sri Lanka. Or tribal people(banjara)who does hunting from bow and arrow those banjara called as vedda.

After china or Arab among Indo Europeans Bengali community counted as largest ethnic group. From very early stage brahmapura and river ganga used for transportation and with the help of silk route use to trade that’s why the community become very prosperous.

In 4th century bc  the ruler of Nanda  dynasty Bengalis defeated Alexander the great the first independent king of Bengal  king shashank on 7th century unite  the Bengali states even in rule of pala dynasty  was very prosperous and happiness.

After that origin of Arabs, Turkish, and Persians started living and staying in Bengal  with that kola, bheel, santhal, shabar, pulinda started staying here. It gave birth to multi ethnic community. 

In 10th century the spread of Islam started in Bengal region and in 12th century  merged with Delhi sultanate . in 1352 ad under the rule of shamsuddin iilyas shah got identity as Bengali. Bengali language got its identity  with  Persian and Arabic language, Bengali language also get its popularity.

In between 14th to 16th century setup extra ordinary growth in business in some of the districts developed a network which does coin melting which called taksal qasbon on those days taka coins were made.

On those days European people, consider Bengal as most suitable and rich state, in y ear 1772 ad when English rule arrived introduced Calcutta as capital of India. The Calcutta which today known as Kolkata that was a major center of political administration and trade, after mixing of culture with British or after communication with British with prosperous Bengalis after visiting western countries  and exposure of European countries , hence Bengalis adopted western style, English language, scientific approach, institutional approach and social reform excepted in early stage. The first state influence renaissance in Europe that was shown in  Bengal  and new Bengal took birth.

These is the  reason that Today Bengalis  are active in every field such as politics to journalism science to philosophy were extra ordinary performance  from begging.

“what Bengal thinks today India thinks tomorrow” 

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