Indian Army Doctors a beacon of hope in Turkey as it reels in cold post earthquake

Indian Army Doctors a beacon of hope in Turkey as it reels in cold post earthquake
Turkish woman kisses Indian army doctor in moving photo from earthquake  relief effort
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The country still struggling to get back to position from the recent earthquake, the Indian army has set up a field hospital as an emergency requirement for curing the affected in and around the country. This hospital was set up in less than six hours for the treatment of the injured in an immediate response from the Indian Army Doctors. This hospital was set up in functioning round the clock hours to treat the affected.

The number of people who lost their lives in the catastrophic earthquake that hit in Turkey and Syria on Monday had taken the lives of almost 28000. The rescue mission has not yet ended; it is still on process to dig out the infected and the injured from the earthquake that hit recently. The rescue teams are looking for people in the rubble across turkey despite the temperature which is sub-zero.

Over 28000 people have died as a result of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria. Officials report that 3574 people died in Syria and 24617 were killed in Turkey, bringing the confirmed death count to 28,191. The government has added that nearly 6000 buildings, including public hospitals collapsed in seven cities.

The world health organization chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus warned that time is running out for those who are injured and those of who still feared trapped. The Army of India is doing a selfless help for the affected and the near and dear ones of the deceased. A team of almost a 96 Indian Army personnel has been standard at the 60 Para Field Hospital in Hatay’s Iskenderun to provide medical assistance.

A number of around 800 people have been treated at the hospital,” Lt. Col Yuduvit Singh, commanding officer of the 60 Para Field Hospital, tells NDTV. Col. Singh says that they are prepared to take on patients for as long as needed. Lt. Col Adarsh, second in command, 60Para Field Hospital, says that they have already performed 10 major surgeries at the hospital. Many people have lauded the efforts of the Army. 

“Thank you, Hindustan. We appreciate that they are with us. We are happy they are here” This statement was made by one of the patients who had undergone good treatment from the side of the Indian Army Doctors.

Earlier this week, a picture of a woman kissing the face of an Indian Army woman soldier went viral on social media handle. The post was shared by the official Twitter handle of the Additional Directorate General of Public Information (ADG PI) of the Indian Army. They wrote in the caption, “We care”.


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