Is social media polarising society?

Is social media polarising society?

Today, more than 30 billion people use social media, which may include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Means of communication has developed since 90’s because of these social media platforms.

Earlier, fake news used to spread from people themselves, which can be understood in the context of “Chinese whispers,” but now social media can easily spread all fake news within a second. People don’t usually cross-check what is right or wrong before sharing it. Social media itself prompts people to follow or inculcate things that are trending or similar to them.

The public is getting content and entertainment from various celebrities through social media. We have started believing in what we see on screen instead of our own thinking capacity. It has polarised to the extent that people go against any well-known person without fact-checking.

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Earning money is becoming very easy on these media platforms. There are both advantages and disadvantages to social media apps. It has given people resources and a livelihood, especially during COVID times. Youtubers and influencers are earning from their content, which they post on social media; they are not only earning but also growing.

For instance, during the release of Pathan, a massive controversy was formed just to boycott the movie. There were also some eminent personalities, but there were also many fake accounts that were circulating fake and unwarranted information. So there are various accounts that try to polarise the public on different platforms. They try to sell their lies in the form of controversial statements.

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