ISRO launches the RH-200 rocket

ISRO launches the RH-200 rocket


ISRO launched the RH-200 sound rocket into space on March 11. This is reasonable for experimentation, studies, and the transportation of cargo to space from the ground. It will be launched from the “Thumba equatorial rocket launching system” in Thiruvananthapuram (TERLS). This rocket has a RADAR attached to it for the intended use.

Detailed view:

  • RH-200 is a Rohini series rocket. The first sound rocket launched by the ISRO was RH-75 in 1967.
  • The diameter of the RH-200 sound rocket is 20 cm. The 200 stands for 200 millimeters of diameter.
  • The height of an RH-200 sound rocket is 3.5 meters.
  • The rocket is primarily utilized for atmospheric research, testing, and other associated activities. Although the rocket is modest, it has considerable advantages.
  • Currently, RH-300 and RH-500 are operational. It will be launched after all steps and measures have been completed by ISRO scientists.
  • The first and second stages of the rocket are powered by solid motors.
  • The first-sounding rocket to be launched in India was the American Nike Apache on November 21, 1963.

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